Get the right fit

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There’s nothing that pains us more than seeing an outfit which is ill-fitted to the person wearing it. It’s not all about the quality of the garment you’re wearing it’s mostly about how it fits the individual. Individual being the key word, each person has a different body type form the next, we are not all one-size. However, we have the solution, with a few alterations to any off-the-rack garment we can alter them to compliment your body type rather than negate it. Let our tailors loose to work their wonders, you will be surprised with the transformation. Let’s look at a few popular garments to get altered and what can be achieved.

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What are the alterations everyone’s having?

wedding dress alterations ladies

It’s quickly becoming the norm to have alterations carried out on clothing purchased from retails stores. But what alterations are popular and why are people having them carried out? The increased popularity of alterations comes with the actualisation that it’s not too expensive to have clothing altered. Not only is it inexpensive but the benefits are worthy, when purchasing new clothing you expect it to fit and compliment your figure however this is rarely the case without alterations. We are now going to look at the most popular alterations that everyone is having done to their favourite items of clothing and why.

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Don't settle for anything less than perfection

bridesmaid dress alterations

Most items of clothing you pick up off a rack in a store will more than likely not fit you in one way or another due to standards in sizing which only fit a small minority of people perfectly. However, this doesn’t mean you must settle on clothing forever not quite fitting correctly in one way or another, with a few alterations we can transform any item of clothing to match your physique to perfection.  

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Final wedding preparations


So you’ve planned out your perfect wedding and the big day nears ever closer, but as the closer it gets the more the stresses and worries intensify. One of the most common worries is over wedding attire, be the wedding dress, the bridesmaid dresses, or the suits and how they all fit. This in particular is a stress that needs not to exist as we have the perfect solution, alterations. With a few alterations, not only do you eliminate the worry of clothing not fitting well on the day but it also broadens your choices when it comes to picking the clothing out initially. Not everyone can afford to have a dress created and fitted to perfection but an equally viable choice can be to buy off-the-rack and alter that item to perfection, not many will be able to spot the difference.

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Be prepared for wedding season

beautiful bridesmaid dresses

It’s soon to be the most popular period of the year for people to get married. Have you been asked to be bridesmaid for someone or are you getting married and require alterations to your bridesmaids’ dresses in time for the big day.

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