Refresh your holiday wardrobe on a budget

Refresh your holiday wardrobe on a budget

4 ways to freshen up your holiday wardrobe 

When it comes to our summer holidays a lot of us get into a bad habit of feeling like we need to go out and buy lots of new clothes to take with us. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it’s also really bad for our bank accounts! Especially when planning a holiday, the money would be much better spent on doing fun activities or upgrading to a nicer room.

We’ve put together this blog to help you refresh your holiday wardrobe without going out and spending a lot of money. Keep reading for four ways to get your wardrobe holiday ready without splashing lots of cash! 

Discover old favourites

I think we can all admit that we probably have a lot of clothes stuffed in the back of our wardrobe or put away somewhere in storage that we’ve completely forgotten about. You’d probably be surprised about how many of these items you actually really like as well, and are probably actually back in fashion right now! Rather than go out and spend a lot of money on new clothes, shop through your own cupboard and see what you actually already have to work with.


Over time our body changes, so it’s no doubt that we have some items from the past few years that are either a bit too big or too small. It’s tempting to just get rid of these items when this happens, but it’s actually a lot more cost effective to get items altered than purchase something new. You’d be surprised by how quickly a seamstress can take something and make it fit you again, leaving you with an outfit that looks and feels as good as new. 


If you have outfits that you don’t really like anymore, but feel like the material has potential, then why not get it re-designed? Say for example you have a maxi dress that has a lovely pattern but the shape doesn’t suit your style anymore. There’s a lot of material there to play with, and a seamstress would be able to take that and create something brand new for you! Not only is this saving you money, you’ll also have something custom that nobody else has and it will be tailored to fit you perfectly. 

Plan ahead

One of the main reasons we think we need to go out and buy new clothes is because we’re just looking at one item rather than envisioning a whole outfit. Take some time to look at all the clothes you have and how you can create different outfits out of them, deciding what you’d wear each item with and if it’s a day or night time look. This also helps make sure you don’t pack way more than you need to when going away, and ensure that there’s no stress on your holiday of trying to find an outfit that looks good! 

There are so many different ways you can freshen up your wardrobe on a budget for your summer holidays! Save yourself some money by following our 4 tips. 

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