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What not to wear as a wedding guest

What not to wear as a wedding guest

What to avoid when choosing your wedding outfit

Being invited to a wedding is an honour, a couple is inviting you to celebrate their love with them and you should be going with the full intention of respecting that. Choosing what to wear can be really stressful, especially if you have a few weddings to go to this year. After hours of searching it can be hard to remember what the absolute must nots are for a wedding guest, so we’ve put together this blog for you to refer to! Keep reading for what you should avoid wearing to a wedding as a guest.


It sounds like an obvious one but it’s always worth mentioning, never wear white to a wedding! Even if neither of the couple are planning on wearing white themselves, with white being so closely linked to weddings it’s inappropriate to turn up in a white outfit. Unless the couple specifically asks guests to wear white avoid it completely, including anything that is close to white or has large white features in it. If you’re wanting something simple, instead just go for a neutral colour that has no similarities to a white wedding gown.

Anything too casual

For a wedding it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. Again, unless the couple have specifically said they want all their guests to dress really casual, you definitely shouldn’t be turning up in jeans and a t-shirt. The standard dress code for a wedding is black tie, so go with the assumption that you should be dressed in smart clothing. You can also base what you wear off of where they’re planning on getting married. For example, for a wedding on the beach a more floaty dress would be perfect without it looking too casual. If your aim is to be comfortable there are plenty of options out there that are still smart looking but allow you to move around easily, such as a jumpsuit or wide leg trousers.

Avoid anything too loud

Similarly to wearing white, wearing something too bold and loud could be seen as an attempt to take attention away from the couple. Prints and colours are absolutely ok, as long as they are done properly. If you show up in a bright purple dress covered in fringe and diamontes, that could definitely distract from the main event. If you want to wear the colour purple, stick to something more muted and understated and then you’ll absolutely be dressed appropriately for the wedding. The main point is to look smart and elegant to fit in with the wedding, but you’re all there to focus on and celebrate the couple getting married. 


When choosing what to wear just remember that unless told otherwise by the couple, you should stick to avoiding all of the above. There are plenty of other options out there to choose from and this way you can be sure nobody will be offended on the big day.

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