Popular dress styles for prom 2022

Popular dress styles for prom 2022

Three popular 2022 prom dresses

Prom season is upon us, and as always we want to take a look at what styles are the most popular this year. We’ve rounded up some of the dress styles we expect to see this year as people celebrate the end of their school career. Every year we see different styles coming out, so what should we expect from our 2022 prom attendees? Keep reading for some of the most popular prom styles we’re expecting to see this summer.


Prom dresses that come as a separate top and bottom are once again here to steal the show. The customisation available with these types of dresses make them a top choice for many, giving you the option to mix and match and find the style you love rather than having to settle for a certain top because you love the bottom. For example, you could try a long, traditional satin skirt paired with a sheer lace top, creating a unique combination.


You can also buy two-piece options that come with a coordinating top and bottom, so the colour and material are the same but it still offers a different style to the one-piece option. The skin showing at the midriff is also an option you can have with two-piece dresses, a style popular for showing off your figure. 

Ball gown

New trends come and go, but ball gowns will never go out of style. For people who have always dreamed of having that princess look, ball gowns are the perfect option. Whether you are looking for long sleeves, strapless, or spaghetti straps, there are so many different styles of ball downs out there. You can also choose from slightly different silhouettes for your skirt, depending on how big of an impact you want to make! If you really want to go big and bold, you can also add an under skirt for even more volume.

Fit and flare

Another classic style amongst prom dresses, fit and flare gowns are back. The figure-hugging shape with some volume at the bottom has been popular for years for prom dresses, but we expect to see even more of them for the 2022 prom season. Mermaid gowns took over for a while, but it seems that people are favouring the less extreme kick out at the bottom and instead opting for fit and flare gowns that come out more gradually as the dress goes down, offering a softer effect than the mermaid. 


Much like the other gowns, fit and flares can come in many different materials. However, satin has been particularly popular with this style in recent years due to its soft and effortless feel, so we expect to see plenty of satin fit and flares out there.

No matter what you go for this prom season, we know there are going to be plenty of beautiful gowns out there. Prom dress alterations are available for any changes that need to be made, or if you just want to make sure the dress fits perfectly for the special night!

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