"I got married back in March and I wanted something a bit special to wear for our wedding day. My Dad still had his suit that he had made for his wedding 50 years ago. So with the exceptional help and talent from Alterations Boutique, he managed to totally transform the suit. The tailor worked his magic on the jacket, waistcoat and trousers over a few fitting sessions. It was a really enjoyable experience and I can't recommend Alterations Boutique enough. Everybody loved my suit on the day." -  Andrew
"I had my wedding dress altered here on the recommendation of the shop I bought it from. It was three sizes too big, and the sheath-style skirt needed to fit closely in order to look right. AB did an incredible job of taking in the seams, shortening the straps, and altering the bust so that it wouldn’t pucker. They also had to remove and re-apply a lace pattern from one side of the dress; I would never have been able to tell that they’d done this, because it looked brand new when I picked it up. I expected to need more than one fitting, but in fact all of this was done perfectly the first time, and I was able to collect the dress very quickly." -  Anna
"Needed a suit tailored with same-day service. Tailors were pleasant and professional. The suit was delivered on time as promised. Even more, the tailor was willing to stay late and make one extra alteration to make everything just right. A worthy investment. I'll definitely go back." - Christian
"Outstanding customer service on my second visit to the boutique.The bridal seamstress was lovely and she really made me have no qualms leaving my wedding dress with the business. She warmly greeted me; sectioned the back area of the shop off to make my consultation more private; the alterations she suggested on each area of the dress made total sense; she asked when my wedding day was to be able to work out fittings; and she explained what to expect when I came in for my fitting. The end product came back fitting perfectly." -  Ellen
"I had a dinner suit which was purchased for me a few years ago and had been sitting in my wardrobe. The suit fit was more of a classic fit and I wanted to achieve more of a tailored look, as I needed to wear it for an event. I contacted this company and booked an appointment to see one of their tailors. He performed a fitting and explained what alterations he would need to do to restyle the suit. The suit was ready one week later and it looked completely transformed. The tailored look I was after was certainly achieved and the work was performed to a very high quality." - Phillip
"The customer service provided exceeded my expectations and I personally had lost faith in the power of the consumer until today. Thank you for restoring my faith in business owners, making something so precious to me renewed so I can continue to wear it for years and going the extra mile. I’d highly recommend AB for any alteration; they actually care about the customers’ satisfaction above profit." -  Rio
"Excellent customer service provided by very friendly staff who were certainly subject matter experts!! - We purchased suits for the wedding for the groom and ushers and they were perfect. Couldn't recommend this place enough! Had to review and say thanks for the important part you played/provided on a very special day. Thank you!" - Wilza
"They are the best in the business! Expert advice, and excellent customer service. They provided really nice suggestions on alterations I should have done on my jacket. Thank you for the fantastic experience!" - Claire
"I booked an appointment with one of the tailors last Saturday and was amazed by how quickly he identified what was required to the garments I took in. I had recently purchased a 1970's double-breasted herringbone coat that was made in original "Crombie" fabric, a tweed two-piece suit, and a corduroy waistcoat. I tried all the garments on and the tailor pinned them into place. I was amazed at how much better they looked. After receiving a competitive estimate I left the premises after just twenty minutes. I collected all the items a week later and they fitted perfectly. I cannot recommend Alterations Boutique enough. I will be seeing them again very soon." - John 
"Excellent, professional and fast service! My wedding dress is now, just how I wanted it. I Highly recommend this beautiful boutique store and I will be returning here if I need any adjustments in the future." -  Kayla
"I had a Belfast jacket which I own but the lining had seen better days. I found this place on line and decided to pay them a visit. I was impressed with the range of linings they had and I chose a heavy lining which matched the original. I picked up the jacket and was stunned with the work. I thought it would be ok but not as good as this. The workmanship was impeccable and you could see how much time had been spent on it. Great stuff." -  Matt 
"My jumpsuit didn't fit me and also needed a new zip. I visited this place and asked them to alter it for me. The seamstress was very friendly and helpful. She performed a fitting and helped me choose a new zip. She also offered to get the jumpsuit ready for me the same week. I’ve just collected it and must say that it looks perfect. I am also very grateful for such a quick turnaround!" -  Nilay
"Had a zip replaced on an expensive designer jacket. Service was excellent and the zip matched the original perfectly. I needed the zip replaced the same day as I was only visiting London for a short period of time. A quick phone call got me an appointment, dropped the jacket off at lunch, and it was ready by the end of the day." -  James
"Really excellent job on my wedding dress, which needed quite a few adjustments as it was a sample. The bridal seamstress is excellent and did a brilliant job, she very flexible about appointments. Really happy with the outcome - thanks!" -  Lisa
"The service and quality of work here is outstanding. I recently lost weight and AB were able to adjust all my clothing to fit me. The process was effortless and efficient. Good old-fashioned business." - Tony
"I found them to be incredibly friendly, professional and they delivered a prompt service. I was very happy with the alteration made to my dress, and the price was very reasonable too. Will definitely be using them again." - Sandra
"Have taken a number of suits here over the years and I have always received a great service. Suits have always come back looking brand new and I couldn’t really ask for anything more. The price was good and the staff were a pleasure to deal with." -  Matthew
"I chose Alterations Boutique to alter my wedding dress based on the great feedback I read online. I mean, how can it be wrong when the Director of the boutique called you to personally assure you that your wedding dress is in good hands? The team were just great; professional, patient and genuinely understand what customer service is all about. The boutique itself is extremely easy to get to, clean and professional. Thank you AB!" - Einee
"What an amazing tailor and boutique experience as a whole! This is exactly how a truly respectful, elegant and professional company deals with its customers and runs its business. Had a brief experience with them today for a suit and will definitely be coming back to have more clothes taken in. Business well done!" -  Mr O
"I needed a lot of work doing to a suit and it was all carried out beautifully. The fitting was quick and excellently done. The staff were great and very efficient. The suit was ready for collection on time and I was very pleased with the result. I would return for any future work I needed doing" -  Stuart