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Bridal Dress AlterationsWith over 35 years of experience in Bridal Alterations, we have become London's leading specialists in Wedding Gown Alterations and Restyling. At Alterations Boutique, we understand that your wedding day is the most important and memorable day of your life, and we believe that your wedding dress makes a statement about who you are and it creates a memory that will last forever. When entrusting a seamstress to carry out your bridal alterations, you want to be able to feel confident that you have chosen the right person to work on your dream dress. Located in the West End of London, our highly respected boutique specialises in Bridal Gown Alterations. With over 35 years of experience in bridal alterations, we have established an excellent reputation for delivering each bride the perfect wedding dress. We are highly regarded because of the quality of work we perform, award-winning customer service we provide and reasonable prices we charge.

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Why Choose Us?

We believe that quality workmanship and excellent customer service should be a given and not something clients should be expected to pay a premium for. Our highly experienced and talented seamstresses will work on your wedding dress for as long as it is required to make your dress perfect. We will focus on your needs and work with you on a one-to-one basis. This means that the same seamstress you see at your consultation will attend to you during all your fittings, as well as work on your dress. As our expert seamstresses have at least 20 years of experience in Bridal Gown Alterations, we can assure you that your dress will be in the best possible hands. Not only can we perform the highest quality Bridal Gown Alterations we can also make bespoke accessories such as boleros, stoles, veils, hair pieces and sashes to match your wedding dress. This makes us the number one choice for any bride to be. Just one of the many high profile clients we have (see below) includes leading British designer Jenny Packham who entrusts us only with their detailed wedding dresses and evening wear alterations.



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Bridal Dress Alterations

Whether your wedding dress is plain or has intricate lace, beads or any other type of embellishment we have the high-level expertise to not only alter your dress to perfection but to restyle it in ways you thought were not possible. For example, changing the neckline, adding sleeves, reshaping the train, adding lace and embellishment. We will work with you closely to listen and understand your needs. Our vision is to ensure that when you walk down the aisle in your wedding dress you will feel the most confident you have ever felt in your life. You will gain this confidence by knowing that you look incredible from every angle. Whether you have purchased your wedding gown from a department store, a bridal boutique, inherited it or have decided to wear a vintage dress and need it restyled, re-sized or remodelled, we can help.

The Experience

At Alterations Boutique we have worked hard on putting together the best possible team to work on your dress, developing a high standard of customer service we believe all brides deserve, and we have been successful at creating a wonderful experience from the moment a bride walks into our boutique.


First Appointment

We would suggest that you bring the wedding dress to us at your earliest convenience, remembering to bring your shoes and undergarments. We will perform an initial consultation, pin the garment and advise you of costs. If you are happy with the costs and go ahead we will keep your dress and schedule a date with you for your first fitting. This saves you from having to transport your dress and eliminates any risk of damaging it.



Prior to your wedding, you will visit us on the pre-agreed fitting dates. The number of fittings required will depend on the complexity of the work we are undertaking. Only once you are completely satisfied may you collect your perfectly altered dress and take it with you. 



We believe in charging our customers fair and reasonable prices, therefore, we undertake regular research to ensure our rates are moderate. We appreciate that you would like to know in advance how much the costs are going to be but as Wedding Dresses can vary with regards to fabric, finishing, construction and detail we prefer that customers visit us so we can provide a free, accurate and no obligation quote. At your appointment, we will provide you with a breakdown of costs so you have a clear understanding of what you are being charged for and do our best to make sure we quote within your budget. Our Fair and Reasonable Price policy means that our customers receive the best possible service and outstanding quality workmanship, without having to pay premium prices.

All fittings including the consultation are free. We only charge for the work we perform and you only pay for the work we agree to do once. For example, if we take in the dress and it still does not fit correctly when you try the dress on, we do not charge again. Please book an appointment by clicking on the link above or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



After the wedding

Christening Gown

There are many different ways of creating a christening gown but it has increasingly become fashionable to create a baby’s christening gown by incorporating parts of your wedding dress. Your wedding dress is sentimental to you and therefore it is the perfect choice to use it to create another special outfit for another special family day. For example, if your wedding dress has a train, we can use it to design a beautiful christening gown for your baby. This does not mean the end of your wedding dress as we can use it to create a matching tea length dress you can wear at the christening ceremony. Otherwise, we can work with you to design a christening gown using all the fabric and trims from your wedding dress. Whether you will decide to create a mini replica of your own wedding dress or would like us to come up with a completely new design, or have already designed it yourself, let our dressmakers work with you to create a unique and special outfit for you and your baby. 

Creating a versatile wardrobe piece

Your wedding day doesn’t have to mean the end of your wedding dress. Let our talented dressmakers turn your wedding dress into something new, better, modern and exciting. At Alterations Boutique we have the expertise to convert your wedding dress into a special outfit you can wear regularly. Let one of our dressmakers create a beautiful cocktail gown, an elegant blouse or remake the bottom part of your dress into a stunning skirt. Whatever piece you choose, it will remind you of the memories from your wedding day. Our talented dressmakers will work with you to create a unique piece that will always have a special and personal meaning.



Alterations Boutique is a VAT registered, Limited Company with a comprehensive insurance policy that covers your garment whilst it is in our possession. Unfortunately, there are individuals that have set up rogue businesses that do not pay tax, take cash only and do not have the correct insurance in place which means you and your garment have no protection. We are proud to be a British company that complies with all rules and regulations to provide peace of mind to our clients.


The Team

All of our team are qualified seamstresses by trade, with at least 20 years of experience. Despite being already qualified, the team have to undergo a rigorous Alterations Boutique training programme to demonstrate they perform work to our high standards. In addition, there is ongoing regular training to help the team master their skills.


Recent Events and Publications

Ruby Hammer, British internationally acclaimed fashion and beauty makeup artist, columnist, co-founder of Ruby & Millie, and co-founder and Director of Scarlett & Crimson cosmetics brand, invited Alterations Boutique to make her a wedding dress and a dress for her daughter Reena Hammer. Maria Blazquez, founder of Alterations Boutique, creating the wedding dress which featured in Hello Magazine.


‘"The weather was bright but cool, not the Indian summer I was hoping for, but at least it wasn’t raining," said Ruby, as she arrived in Whitehall for the 4 pm service. Her champagne-and-pewter hued vintage dress was a unique creation. "It was discovered by my friend Charlie Brear of the Vintage Wedding Dress Company. Everybody but everybody commented on it,” she told us. “It was originally a flapper dress with an amazing kind of cape or train, and that part was made into my wedding dress by the lovely Maria Blazquez with lots of input from my friends, Reena and myself. Then I wore the flapper dress for the evening party." Hello! Magazine

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Bridal Alterations

Alterations Boutique made the first replica of Kate Middleton's Wedding dress as commissioned by the Times in 5 hours! Watch Maria Blazquez, the founder of Alterations Boutique, being interviewed on Sky News (CLICK ON LINK BELOW) and David Emanuel the designer of Diana's (Princess of Wales) wedding dress, praising our Wedding dress on ITV's Lorraine show on 02.05.11 (CLICK ON LINK BELOW).  You can click on the link below to the Times article 30.04.11 to read the full story.

 Times Front Page   SkyAlterationsBoutique   Alterations Boutique ITV

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