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What alterations you can expect to have on your wedding dress

What-alterations-you-can-expect-to-have-on-your-wedding-dress What alterations you can expect to have on your wedding dress

Alterations you may need for your wedding dress

Your wedding dress is one of the most important garments you'll ever wear, and ensuring it fits perfectly is paramount to feeling confident and beautiful on your special day. From minor tweaks to major adjustments, here's a comprehensive guide to the alterations you may need for your wedding dress and what to expect along the way.


Hemming is one of the most common alterations for wedding dresses, especially if you're petite or plan to wear flats instead of heels. A skilled seamstress will adjust the length of your dress to ensure it grazes the floor perfectly, creating a polished and tailored look. Be sure to bring your wedding shoes to your fitting so the hem can be adjusted to the appropriate length.

Taking in or letting out

Whether you've lost weight since purchasing your dress or need a little extra breathing room, taking in or letting out the seams of your dress can ensure a snug and comfortable fit. This alteration is typically done at the bodice, waist, or hips to achieve the desired silhouette. Be sure to communicate any weight changes with your seamstress so they can make the necessary adjustments.


If your wedding dress has a train, a bustle is essential for bustling up the train during the reception, allowing you to dance and move around without tripping over excess fabric. There are various types of bustles, including the French bustle, American bustle, and ballroom bustle, each offering a different look and functionality. Your seamstress will help you choose the best bustle style for your dress and ensure it's secure and seamless.

Strap adjustments

Whether you're dealing with straps that are too long, too short, or just not sitting right, strap adjustments can help achieve the perfect fit and neckline for your dress. This alteration may involve shortening or lengthening straps, adding additional support, or adjusting the placement of straps to ensure they lay flat and comfortable on your shoulders.

Adding or removing sleeves

Whether you want to add sleeves for extra coverage or remove sleeves for a more modern look, sleeve alterations can transform the overall style of your wedding dress. This alteration may involve adding lace, tulle, or fabric to create sleeves or removing existing sleeves and finishing the edges for a seamless look. Be sure to discuss your vision with your seamstress to ensure they can bring your dream dress to life.

Final fittings and adjustments

Once the initial alterations are complete, you'll likely have one or more final fittings to ensure everything fits perfectly. During these fittings, be sure to wear your wedding undergarments and shoes to get an accurate sense of how the dress will look and feel on your wedding day. Your seamstress will make any final adjustments to ensure everything is flawless before the big day.


Wedding dress alterations

Wedding dress alterations are a crucial step in achieving the perfect fit and ensuring you look and feel your best on your wedding day. At Alterations Boutique we can help you with all your wedding dress alteration needs. With the right alterations, your wedding dress will fit like a dream and make you feel like the beautiful bride you are.

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