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There’s nothing more infuriating than a broken zip when it’s cold, wet and windy. Unfortunately, it happens, and for a multitude of reasons zips become jammed or the zip heads broken rendering it useless. We offer the perfect solution, we can take your garment and replace the zip or zip head promising a quick turn-around time for most items. We can also add customised zip heads for adding that personalised, uniqueness to your garments.

For a full list of solutions we offer or for more information see our zip repairs page.

zip alterations

We don’t just stop at zips, we also offer a full bridesmaid dress alterations and wedding dress alteration service. Bridesmaid dresses tend to be costly and more often than not will not fit in the intended way to suit your body when purchased online or off the rack which is why we recommend that it is usually worthwhile having them altered. With over thirty years of experience performing alterations we can perform any type of alteration, including entire re-styling and re-sizing. Regardless of material or style, we have seen it before and our master seamstresses are more than capable of returning a dress which fits you perfectly to you. So, don’t just wear a dress, wear a well-fitted dress which flatters your body type, contact one of our advisors today.

bridesmaid dress alterations

No man’s wardrobe is complete without a high quality, well-fitted shirt. The shirt is a diverse garment which can make or break many different outfits, due to its diversity we suggest ensuring that your favourite shirt Is a well-fitted base to build around. The differences between an off the rack shirt and an altered one are clear to see, speak to one of our master tailors to book an appointment today. It is possible to add rear shirt seams for a fitted V shape, to narrow the shoulders, to shorten the length of the shirt and much more. For a full list of alterations possible for a shirt please see our shirt alterations page.

shirt alterations

Finally, we are going to discuss another garment applied to many outfits, trousers. Trousers can be worn as a part of a suit or as a part of a casual outfit without looking out of place they almost always need to be altered, they should fit the individual as well as possible. A well-fitted pair of trousers really stand out. We can repair all rips, tears, and holes in your trousers or replace zips with a perfect match. With any alterations, the most important thing is your tailor. Be sure to find an experienced tailor who you can trust. For a full list of trouser alterations see our information page.

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