Autumn is coming!

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The end of next month will see us move into the autumnal equinox, swapping our short and t-shirts combinations for jeans and jumpers. For many of us a whole year may have passed since we last tried on many items of our autumn wardrobes, and many of us may find items don’t still fit quite as well as they did the year before. This is a very common occurrence and one which we can easily rectify for you. Whether you’re looking to re-model your entire wardrobe or require something more specific such as bridesmaid dress alterations, our dedicated and skilled team are ready to be of service.

Depending on the season the popular alterations tend to change, during the autumnal season we are commonly asked to perform dress alterations. This is because a dress is a diverse piece of clothing which can be worn in most weather types, and couple with a jacket or coat if it’s getting a bit colder later into the year. Whatever adjustments your dress needs, our talented team of professionals are more than capable of achieving a perfect fitting. Start the process by firstly booking yourself in for a free fitting or consultation with one of our seamstresses today.

dress alterations

For men during this period our most popular service is shirt alterations, this tends to be our most popular service all year long, once again due to the diversity of the piece. We have altered all different kinds of shirts over the years, so you can feel assured that regardless of the material, the design or any other possible factor, we have had previous experience working with it before. For more information or to book an appointment please see our shirt page.

suit alterations

Finally, we want to impose the importance of a suit being a well fitted piece. Every now and then we will see someone who has a nice, expensive designer suit but the look is overshadowed by the poor fit. We always suggest that it’s better to have a well-fitted cheaper suit than it is to have a poorly fitted designer one. With a few suit alterations we can re-style, shape and even personalise your suit to perfection. Book an appointment today for a few suit alterations and ensure that your suit compliments your body type.


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