How Suit Alterations Can Transform Your Appearance

Achieving a perfect fit is what makes wearing a suit such a distinguished and iconic sartorial move; having a suit that is ill fitted just doesn’t have the same effect, no matter how fantastic it looks on the hanger! A suit should always complement the wearer, whether it has been custom-made or bought off the rack; that’s why professional suit alterations are so important.

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But where to begin in the world of suit alterations? In this guide, we will highlight aspects of the suit that can be altered and how alterations contribute to a perfectly fitted, professional and attractive appearance.

Suit Jacket Alterations

As the centrepiece of any suit, the jacket must fit well in the shoulders and chest to feel comfortable and look good. Additionally, the sleeves and collar should be the correct length and fall well on the body, working seamlessly in combination with tailored shirts.

A good test to see if your jacket is the right fit for you: when standing with your arms at your sides and the jacket buttoned, are the lapels resting flat against the front panels? Are the buttons close to or lightly touching your stomach? If yes, your jacket is likely a good fit; if not, you need a suit alterations service!

Alterations Boutique’s team of highly experienced suit alterations tailors can make a range of adjustments so that your suits are the perfect fit, including:

  • Changing sleeve length: sleeves should stop at the wrist bone to show a half inch of shirt sleeve. This can be a basic or trickier process depending on whether the buttons are working/non-working and if the suit is lined or not.

  • Changing jacket length: a professional tailor can shorten or lengthen the jacket while maintaining the integrity of the original pattern, for incredible results.

  • Narrowing the shoulders: this tailoring technique can drastically alter the entire jacket and how it complements the torso, making this a highly viable choice for suit alterations.

  • Bringing in or opening up the torso: for jackets that are too loose or tight on the frame.

  • Fixing ‘square back neck’: when there is excess fabric across the back-neck area, this can be removed by simply opening the back neck and shoulder seam, lifting excess fabric, and the re-stitching.

  • Rotating sleeve pitch: changing the angle at which the sleeve is attached to the suit, depending on the posture and stance of the individual wearer.

  • Adding darts: sewing folds into the cloth to help provide shape.

  • Jacket relining: updating the lining of your suit can add a great personal touch, boosting your confidence with a refreshed style.

Shirt Alterations

You may not consider the humble shirt to be as important as the jacket, but even the most perfectly fitted jacket is pointless without a good shirt to support it! The alterations we can make to a shirt include:

  • Shortening the sleeves
  • Tapering the shirt
  • Reducing the shoulders
  • Adding darts
  • Updating the neckline
  • Removing pockets

Trouser Alterations

The trousers are also an essential part of suit alterations, including adjustments such as:

  • Making trousers longer or shorter (with a turnup or plain hem)
  • Tapering trouser legs
  • Repairing buttons and zips
  • Taking in or letting out trouser waist, seat and fork

Other Suit Alterations

  • Re-weaving small holes: the re-weaving process involves fixing holes with invisible patches of material used from elsewhere on the suit. This is effective for holes an inch or smaller.
  • Fixing or replacing buttons and zips: though a quick and simple fix, repairing zips and buttons is essential to having a great fitting suit.

Ready to wear a perfectly fitted suit to your next big event or for frequent wear? Alterations Boutique offer a full suit alterations service – find out more by getting in touch with us today.

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