Dress Alterations and Restyling: Fall in Love with Your Dress Again

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Fall in Love with Your Dress Again


It’s natural for our bodies to change over time, so a dress that fitted like a dream a few years ago may be a little too loose or tight when you try it on now. Or perhaps that dress you love on the hanger has never felt totally comfortable while you wear it! Given that everyone is a slightly different shape, unless you have a custom-tailored dress it’s likely that the fit could be improved.

This is where dress alterations come in: an expert seamstress can make the right changes to ensure every dress in your wardrobe is the perfect fit, flattering your figure and increasing your confidence for special events and everyday outfits. The dress gathering dust in your wardrobe can become a favoured choice for daily wear or occasions, making you feel fantastic whenever you wear it. That’s the power of alterations.

Dress Alterations

What exactly does the dress alterations process entail? This depends on your ideas and what can be done with the fabric available! At Alterations Boutique, we always discuss ideas with the client and come up with a detailed, bespoke alterations plan based on a client’s style and our knowledge of what flatters the figure. The types of dress alterations a professional seamstress can achieve include:

Taking in or letting out the sides

Narrowing the shoulders

Reshaping the neckline

Shortening or lengthening (dress or straps)

General repairs and zip replacement

Dress Restyling

Need a total refresh for your dress? Another aspect of dress alterations is dress restyling, whereby significant changes are made to the dress, so much so that it feels brand new again! The Alterations Boutique have achieved some truly magical transformations through dress alterations and restyling, to the joy of many clients. Our dress restyling work has included removing or adding fabrics, transforming tops into dresses, and replacing the skirt of a dress, all resulting in a total stye update for the client.

If you have a dress you would love to get altered or completely restyled, you can contact us and we can advise you on how your piece can be transformed.

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