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Here at alterations boutique we have established ourselves as London’s leading wedding alterations provider due to our personalised one-to-one service and attention to the details. If you have a wedding coming up soon and are therefore in search of someone to alter your attire to perfection, look no further. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and consider ourselves to of seen it all by now, there’s nothing we don’t have the expertise to handle. Throughout the process you will be allocated a tailor / seamstress who will work tirelessly with your from start to end. Whether it’s a few bridesmaid dress alterations or something more niche, contact us today to book an appointment for a fitting and begin your journey towards the perfect wedding.

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Weddings tend to be a costly time be it if you’re a guest or the host, one great money saving tip we can suggest is that altering a suit can be a lot cheaper than purchasing a new one. We can take an old suit which isn’t quite measuring up and alter it to fit your body perfectly, repair any rips and tears, or even add personalised features. If you don’t currently own a suit which is fit for the purpose but also can’t afford a brand new fitted one, why not buy an off the rack one and alter it to fit as it should do? It’s rare that an off the rack suit will fit correctly but we are more than happy to help with ensuring it does in time for the big day. Visit our suit alterations page for more information.

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In the run, up to the wedding one of the most common last-minute alterations we are contacted for is shirt alterations. This is understandable as many men arrange their wedding attire early in advance and by the time the wedding date arrives their bodies have changed and they no longer fit perfectly. With a few alterations, we can have your shirt fitting like it was made for you once more. Consult with one of our master tailors today to discuss options, arrange a fitting or any other enquiries you may have.

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Much of the same is the case for ladies in regards to dresses, with many having something pr-prepared and ready for post wedding celebrations, only to find that once the time comes the fit is no longer desirable as it once was. Whether you're looking for a few dress alterations or a complete dress re-style we have the experience to carry this out. Re-styling dresses is becoming more of an affordable and common service which was once seen as an sexclusive celebrity service, contact one of our seamstresses to discuss potential options and book yourself in for a fitting. 

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