Do you know how your clothing should fit?

You’d be surprised how many people are unaware at how their clothing should fit, maybe you don’t know, but not for long as this guide will inform you of the correct fit for many items of clothing.

bridesmaid dress altered

Let’s start with the bridesmaid dress, as there’s a good chance your dress will require alterations to not only fit but to compliment your figure. With people increasingly shopping online it can be hard to envision how the dress will fit you until it arrives with most people not quite fitting to the standard shape of dresses which are sold. With a few alterations and tweaks you can soon have a dress which brings out your best version of you. There are many alterations which can be made but the main ones tend to be taking in or letting out the dress sides, narrowing the shoulders and shortening or lengthening the straps, but much more is possible. For a full list of services available please visit our bridesmaid dress alterations page.

morning suit altered

Many men own a morning suit but you’ll often see baggy sleeves, too much length, and wide shoulders, effectively drowning the wearer in fabric. This should not and needs not be the case, a well-fitted morning suit should have the shoulders neither too wide nor too thin. This means the shoulder seam should be slightly wider than your natural shoulder width to create a natural look like in the picture shown above. The body of the coat should fit narrowly around the chest, waist and bust but allowing room to breathe easily without causing wrinkles. As you can imagine few morning coats come off the rack ready to fit you well, and so many require alterations. For a full list of available alterations please visit our morning suit alterations page.

wasitcoat altered
Owned by many but worn properly by very few, the next item we will discuss is the waist coat. The waistcoat is one of the slimmest fitting garments available in menswear. A well-tailored waistcoat will skim the torso without feeling too tight or pulling on any fabric of the under layers. #arguably the most important element to the waistcoat is the length, it should fully cover your entire trouser waistband. For a full run-down of adjustments available visit our waist coat alterations page.

The final item we are going to discuss is sheepskin, there are many different sheepskin garments available these days from jackets and vests or even trousers, so we will try to keep this information as generalised as possible. It is important to remember that sheepskin is a natural hide which means that your clothing will not necessarily always fit the same as when you’ve purchased it. Because of this it is imperative to get your garment well measured out and tailored from the off-set. For a further break down of services around sheepskin available please visit our sheepskin alterations page.

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