The secret of well-dressed ladies


Subject to the eye of envy from many is the well-dressed lady.  What’s the secret? Tailoring! Even the most luxurious expensive clothing can be spoilt by ill-fitted shoulders or a sagging waistline.

Fortunately tailoring can correct these clothing issues, making it a process well worth looking into, especially for clothing worn to big events. Who wants to go to the ball in a unflattering ball gown? Be the bell of the ball in garments which compliment your figure and accentuate your best features by utilising our ball gown alterations service.

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Obviously, we don’t just cater for ladies looking for ball gown alterations, we cater for many different types of garments such as skirts. Skirts are a common piece of clothing worn daily, but being commonly worn doesn’t mean it must look common. You probably have a favourite skirt in your wardrobe crying out for tailoring so why hesitate in contacting one of our master seamstresses today to discuss what can be done to transform yourself into a well-dressed lady, or check out our skirt alterations page for more information.


One of the reasons celebrities and TV personalities look so good is down to the fitting of their clothing. You wouldn’t see a lady on the red carpet wearing an ill-fitted dress, they all use tailors and they all look like well-dressed ladies because of that. This isn’t an option available to just celebrities it’s available to you and your favourite dresses right now, so why not give yourself the celebrity treatment you deserve? There are a multitude of alterations which can be performed to instantly transform and impregnate style into your dress, for a full list of alterations available please visit our dress alterations information page.

tailored blouse

A staple of many ladies outfits these days, they’re diverse and can be coupled up with skirts, trousers and so much more to form a stunning outfit, I’m talking about the blouse top. Whether you require your blouse to be taken in or let out, the sleeves shortened, or re-styled to fit ‘todays’ fashion stylings our professional seamstresses can help. We have over 30 years of experience dealing with these kinds of alterations and are confident we can alter your blouse to compliment your figure without there being any trace of there being alterations performed in the first place. For information on available alterations please visit our blouse alterations page.

In summary, the secret to a well-dressed lady is not really a secret at all it's tailored clothing, tailoring is available to all ladies, so therefore any lady can become a well-dressed lady.


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