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Although many of you may have impeccable taste when it comes to outfit choice, many of you are not dressing to compliment your body type. There are plenty of different physiques and it can be hard to pick out which category your body fits into. But once you have decided which one you fit into, it’s time to ensure you fit into your clothing just as well. This could mean balancing your bodies proportions out or highlighting the more flattering areas of your body, regardless we are here to attend to your needs.

Let’s start with an item of clothing which underpins most men’s outfit choices, the shirt. If you are of the larger build you may need some extra assistance in the shirting department, and for example require the chest to be taken out, the arms adjusted and the shoulders broadened to accommodate your figure. If you are a slender man you may still require a similar service, just because you can fit into a shirt doesn’t necessarily mean the shirt is fitting to you, a common mistake made by many. If you are interested in more information shirt fitting or to have a shirt fitted please visit our shirt alterations page.

tuxedo alterations

An outfit for special occasions but one you will likely keep for a lifetime, I’m talking about a tuxedo. Often worn at more formal occasions, making it all the more imperative to be well-fitted and complimenting your body type. We can take in the letting out the tuxedo sides, adjusting the shoulders, shortening, and lengthening the sleeves, adjust the lapel shape, replacing the lining and much more. For a comprehensive list of alterations which can be made, please visit our tuxedo alterations page

Jeans are often worn on a day to day basis, making them essential to fit your body in a comfortable yet complimentary way. We have over 30 years of experience in jeans alterations, and know that jeans stretch once they have been worn several times. This stretch can lead to what was a nice fitting pair of jeans becoming undesirably baggy in places and no longer fitting quite so well. Our talented tailors and seamstresses can fix this. One alteration which often goes overlooked is the length of leg, with people opting to roll up the leg hoping to guise that the leg is in fact actually too long, this isn’t the best solution as the legs shape is then sat in the incorrect place causing a warped look. Visit our jeans alterations page for a full comprehensive list of alterations which can be performed.

jeans alterations

It can be tough to come by a good, quality leather item of clothing, so therefore when you do it is often worth doing your utmost to keep hold of it. Whether your garment is ripped, teared, faded or ill-fitting we are capable of brining your garment back to life. Many think that leather alterations are limited to jackets and bags, however, we can carry out alterations on most things leather, including trousers, skirts, and anything else you may have. It’s more than worth finding out to save a cherished leather garment and having to spend the time searching for one to fill its space in your wardrobe.

Whatever your alteration our capable team of trained tailors and seamstresses are keen to help. Contact us now on 0207 724 4147.

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