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Everybody should have a wardrobe stocked out with well-fitted tailored attire, but alas we are aware that this doesn’t happen overnight. We recommend slowly building up your collection, starting off with the garments which you need or use more regularly.

It’s the time of year right now, where it’s very rare you’ll be going much of anywhere without a coat. For that reason alone, we would recommend the coat as a good starting point for alterations. Coats rarely come off the rack ready to wear with a complimentary fit for an individual with many generic sizes fitting just like that, generically. Stand out from the crowd as a man with class, speak with one of our master tailors today to see what can be done, or a detailed list can be found on our coat alterations page.

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Whilst you’re popping back and forth expanding your repertoire of fitted clothing, why not have your zips repaired, it’s a cheap alteration which can really make or break an outfit. After all, who wants to wear an expensive coat only for the whole outfit to be undermined by an unsightly broken zip. Whilst you’re looking to have your zip head repaired why not add an entirely new one, zip head customisation is a popular trend arising which adds a unique but subtle touch of personality to any garment. For more information see our zip repairs page

The next item we recommend taking to you tailor is the shirt, which arguably could also be top of alterations to-do list. Most men wear a shirt on daily basis, it’s a diverse piece which can be coupled with other garments to make both smart or casual outfits, making it essential that is one which fits well. Much like the coat off-the-rack shirts tend to be commonly too baggy or too tight around the midriff, this small alteration alone can make a huge impact on the fit of the whole shirt. For a full list of available alterations and more information please see our shirt alterations page.

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Take note that the importance of alterations doesn’t stop at men’s clothing, it is equally as imperative for women’s clothing too. We recommend that every woman should have at least one altered dress as a staple go-to outfit for occasions which require some decadent styling. We have over 25 years of experience performing alterations for both men and women including wedding alterations and have a whole range of items which can be altered which can be found on our site. Why not take a look at our dress alterations page and see what can be done?

It may be a lengthy process to alter your entire wardrobe but it is a worthwhile and rewarding one at that with a wardrobe fit for a king the end reward.

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