The stressful period leading up to your wedding day..

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Think of the most stressful time of your life and then double it, these are the stress levels we are talking about for most brides during the 1-6 weeks leading up to their wedding day.  Emotions are high, the stakes are high, stress and eventually joy will ensue. With all this emotional cocktail going through some brides minds it can impact greatly on decision making. Lucky for you we are here to remove some of the stress with our bridal alterations service.

It’s completely understandable as there are so many preparations to make before the wedding day, the urgency of it all can push your mind into a negative state. We understand, it is stressful, it is worth it and we are here to help. Contact one of our master tailors today and place your dress (the pinnacle of wedding stress) in good, skilled hands utilising our Wedding Dress Alterations service. It will be one major thing off your mind at least.


However, unfortunately it’s not just the bride which has to be catered for and stressed over in the time leading up to the big day. Maybe not as important as the bride but still important, the bridesmaid dresses! It can be hard enough to keep an eye on your own dress and it’s fit, but other people’s shape / size you cannot control. That’s why many use our Dress Alterations service to alter several dresses to fit the varying body shapes of the bridesmaids.

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A popular tend of late which might be worth mentioning is to transform bride dresses into dresses for other functions. We have had the pleasure of being a part of some impressive projects, we feel brides dress work well when transformed into gowns using our Ball Gown Alterations service. Contact us and see what can be done, you might be surprised with the results. Take a look at the example picture shown below for a rough idea.

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Once all preparations are complete don’t forget to relax, smile and enjoy the journey

We wish all brides to have an exciting wedding and a happy marriage.

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