Top Wedding Dress Trends 2018

Top Wedding Dress Trends 2018

If you’re on the hunt for a wedding dress and consider yourself particularly interested in fashion trends, it is important to know what’s going on in the bridal world! This means when you go for appointments you can help your bridal consultant know what styles you’re interested in.

Sheer Wedding Dress 2018 Trends

2018 Wedding Dress Trends

Don’t worry if you’ve already got your dress! This post will help you find out what wedding dress alterations are available to bring your dress up to date with wedding fashion trends. From sheer to colourful, these are the top trends for wedding dresses in 201

Sheer Wedding Dresses

One of the biggest fashion trends hitting bridal stores this year are sheer, illusion bridal gowns and accents.

This can vary from just a sheer touch to completely transparent material, giving you the opportunity to be as bold or as modest as you like within the trend. For the braver bride, dresses are available in a complete sheer material with details to cover up the necessary parts for an elegant, effortless feel.

There are also options where you appear to be wearing a short dress, however have a sheer tulle skirt on top, something that can be added in with wedding dress alterations. If you feel like the dress you have gotten is a little too sheer, alterations can add an underlay of material in either nude or the colour of your dress in any areas you desire.


Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

Two Piece Wedding Dress 2018 TrendIf you’re the type of bride who wants to take a non-traditional approach to your wedding day, this is the trend for you. Two-piece wedding gowns generally consist of a top and skirt, with the opportunity to mix and match them to your desire. They give you the chance to show off a bit of skin around your mid rift with a crop top, or rock a layered effect with a longer, flowing top that goes past the waistband of your skirt. Who says it even needs to be a skirt? You could add in the trousers trend by combining a top with a pair of trousers and visit a wedding dress alterations specialist to make sure they’re tailored to perfection.

Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

Wedding Dress with Sleeves 2018 Wedding Trend

Sleeves are always in style with bridal wear, especially when it comes to the colder months and winter themed weddings. This year has brought an entirely new approach, with varieties of short sleeved dresses becoming available, and more modern takes on long sleeves such as: trumpet, bat wing and flared sleeves, available in a sheer fabric or highly beaded to add some extra detail. Sleeves can be hard to get right straight away, so don’t worry if wedding dress alterations are necessary. It’s important to make sure the sleeves fit you perfectly, and you could get some lace or beading work added if you feel the plain style isn’t for you.

Wedding Dress Trends 2018 Colourful Dresses

Colourful Wedding Dresses

Not everybody out there wants to walk down the aisle in a traditional white or ivory wedding dress; colourful options have become more popular over the past few years.

Many designers now incorporate colour into their collections, ranging from muted shades of blush, all the way to deeper more obviously coloured shades. There are occasions where, due to there being a lot less colourful dresses than the typical traditional ones, you are so close to the perfect dress but there is just one thing you really want to change about it. Not to worry, wedding dress alterations can take your colourful dress from almost perfect to exactly what you’re looking for.

If any of the suggested alterations, or anything else you can think of, are suited for you then get in touch with Alterations Boutique. We can arrange a no-obligation consultation appointment to advise you on the time needed and cost of alterations work on your dress.

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