Winter is coming, is your wardrobe winter ready?

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Winter is just around the corner, the cold's already in the air and the frost on the ground, so now more than ever is an important time to ensure your winter wardrobe is ready and looking the part.

Throughout winter what could be more essential than having a winter jacket. What could be better? A warm winter jacket of course. Many people are opting to have jackets relined to ensure that their favourite piece is not just stylish but functional for the winter. More so than ever people are choosing to add a thick lining to the inside of their favourite jackets creating some unique winter garments. Visit our page on jacket relining for more information.

No jacket is complete without some accompanying jeans, and why have a well fitted top half without the jeans to compliment it, it’s like buying a nice house and filling it with rubbish, you just wouldn’t. Not to worry we are here to help, we offer a complete Jeans alterations service. We can take in the waist, taper legs, repair rips, raise / lower legs, add accessories and much more. Why not get creative this winter and customize your way to the perfect winter outfit? Contact our tailors today to discuss.

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Not everyone has the option of wearing jeans through the winter, if you are having to wear trousers due to work commitments or other reasons, this doesn’t mean you must suffer for the winter. Trousers can be a functional garment in your winter wardrobe if utilised correctly. Maybe you have found a thick pair of trousers and they look great, but they don’t quite fit correctly. Now what? You could always return them and hope to find another suitable pair in a more fitting size, or you could have them altered. We also offer a comprehensive trouser alterations service to save you the trouble, visit our page for more information.

From time to time zips will break, jam and / or snap, with winter fast approaching they are in demand for use more so than any other time of the year. What good is a warm jacket / coat / pair of trousers if you can’t zip them up? None, now is the perfect time to ensure that your wardrobe if functioning correctly to keep you warm throughout the winter and beyond. We can also customize and change zip heads to add subtle style to your clothing this is especially popular to add character to plain, smart jackets. Contact one of our tailors today or visit our Zip Repairs page for some inspiration today.

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