What to do with ill-fitted attire?

Everyone has ill-fitted attire, but alas we are here to change that.

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Never discard an item of clothing due to a zip related problem! Whether it’s a broken zip, too long of a zip, too short, or just a broken zip head to be changed, we can help. With over 30 years’ experience, we have established ourselves as forerunners of the zip repairs industry.  These tend to be quick and cheap alterations to carry out however contact us just to double check.

Everybody has that pair of jeans that they love, cherish, and miss wearing as they no longer fit as well as they used to. Not anymore, with so many options for altering to prolong the life of a pair of jeans this is a thing of the past. Whether the legs are too long, the waist too thin, or the fit too slim we can help. If you require Jeans Alterations, contact us on 0207 724 4147 to fully discuss your requirements and plan for the best resolution.

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Shirts, everyman has at least tens of shirts, baggy fitting, tight fitting, old, or new. With so many shirts for so many occasions, it can be tough to cram them all into your already full wardrobe. why not condense your wardrobe to just a few well fitted shirts, which ooze class and style. After all a well fitted shirt trumps all others, with a few Shirt Alterations any of those shirts can be optimised for your figure. Start wearing your shirt and stop the shirt from wearing you.

So, you’ve bought your prom dress months and months before your prom, you’re well prepared, you’ve bought it in a few sizes smaller than you currently are aiming to lose a few pounds before the big day. This is common practice and also unfortunately common practice to over estimate how much weight will actually be lost by that date. Not to worry, if you don’t quite meet your goal then prom doesn’t have to be ruined, using our Prom Dress Alterations service we can alter it to fit your figure as it was intended to. 

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