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So you’ve planned out your perfect wedding and the big day nears ever closer, but as the closer it gets the more the stresses and worries intensify. One of the most common worries is over wedding attire, be the wedding dress, the bridesmaid dresses, or the suits and how they all fit. This in particular is a stress that needs not to exist as we have the perfect solution, alterations. With a few alterations, not only do you eliminate the worry of clothing not fitting well on the day but it also broadens your choices when it comes to picking the clothing out initially. Not everyone can afford to have a dress created and fitted to perfection but an equally viable choice can be to buy off-the-rack and alter that item to perfection, not many will be able to spot the difference.

Our most widely used wedding alteration service is for bridesmaid dress alterations, this is due to bridesmaids not all being one size and variation in dress fits and sizes is therefore inevitable. You’d be hard pushed to find a set of dresses which fit all in such a complimentary way, this is due to brands / designers having different standards for body types, shapes, and sizes. By utilising our service, you are more than welcome to buy a set of off-the-rack dresses and have them altered to fit each of your bridesmaids as they were intended to. Our master tailors have a huge wealth of experience in dealing with such alterations and will guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

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Of course, we cater for more than brides and bridesmaids, we cater for all. One of the most reported clothing spoilers, which if often overlooked, is a broken or snagged zip. We have the perfect solution, our zip repairs service, by using our service we can reattach a broken zip head. This is a fast and low cost reparation to have carried out, which prolongs the lifespan of so many garments. We are capable of sourcing any type of zip to find a perfect match for your garment. But why stop there increasingly so we are hearing requests to replace zip heads with a custom one, this is a nice touch which can really add individual flare and personalisation to your clothing. Whether you’re interested in personalisation or repairs, contact us.

The item we see the main of alterations to for men is shirts, and with over 30 years of experience carrying out such alterations you are in safe hands. We have become London’s leading shirt alterations service and for good reason. If you are unhappy with the fit of your shirt we have a multitude of alterations which can be performed ranging in anything from lengthening and shorting the sleeves, adjusting the seams to taking in the shoulders and more. Contact one of our master tailors today to discuss what can be done and book an appointment for fitting.


An increasingly popular service we are receiving more requests for is post-wedding to have wedding dresses altered into a dress which can be worn for other occasions. Wedding dresses are expensive and if not handed down are very much stored away in a cupboard as a memento of the big day. Why not alter the dress to be something which can be used to relive the memories from your big day over and over in. Consult with one of our seamstresses to see what can be doen today, or alternatively visit our dress alterations page.

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