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wedding dress alterations

Here at Alterations Boutique we have been providing wedding related alterations for over 20 years. In this time, we’ve come to understand the importance of making this process as stress free and seamless as possible. Let us alleviate some of that stress by entrusting us with the altering and safeguarding of your wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and any other items requiring tailoring.

We also understand the organisational nightmare it can be arranging the bridesmaid dresses, ensuring that they fit, whilst keeping them clean and safe. Entrust us with your bridesmaid dress alterations, where a dedicated seamstress will work tirelessly until your gowns are styled to perfection. By having a dedicated seamstress assigned ensures consistency throughout the process from start to finish. We have established an excellent reputation for delivering impeccable quality Bridesmaid Dress alterations when it comes to re-styling, re-sizing, re-modelling, altering or repairing Bridesmaid Dresses.

What worse day could there be to be spoilt than a wedding day by something as small as a broken or snagged zip? Unfortunately, it can happen, however we offer the perfect solution, we can not only repair broken and damaged zips but we can also change the zip head for a new unique look to your outfit. This is a inexpensive and fast alteration to perform which is more than worth it, when it comes to the cost of your whole wedding attire it’s a more than worthy investment. For more information see our zip repairs page.

For men, the most notable piece of their wedding suit is undoubtedly the shirt, making it imperative that this piece is fitted to perfection. We find that many men don’t fully realise quite how many alterations are possible. It also misunderstood how cost-effective a lot of these alterations can be. Whether you just need a few slight adjustements made to a new shirt or a complete overhaul of an older garment, it is important to understand which aspects can be tailored. For a full list of potential alterations please see our shirt alterations page.


After the wedding, you may wish to extend the use of your wedding dress or bridesmaid dress by undergoing the transformation into a gown or a versatile wardrobe piece worn for special occasions to come. This is a popular choice for celebrities but that doesn’t mean that it’s an expensive process to carry out. Contact us today to discuss what alteration options are available and how they will be carried out. For more information and a full list of alterations you can also see our dress alterations page.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you plan for one of the most special memories of a bride-to be.


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