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Summer is fast approaching and with that comes a whole new host of clothing which might not have seen the light of day since last summer. Our bodies fluctuate in size sometimes a surprising amount in a year, so don’t be surprised to find that, a once well fitted shirt no longer looking quite so complimentary. Get prepared in advance, get your favourite summer clothing items out and try them on early, if they don’t fit don’t panic, we are here to help. Although your body shape may have changed, your outfit can do so too, with a few minor tweaks and alterations your attire can be fitting as intended once more. This stands when speaking regarding any item of clothing, it’s a little-known fact that it’s often cheaper to alter a current item of clothing than it is to replace it.

A suit is prime example, suits are often fitted from the point of purchase and are costly to replace. If you have a suit that hangs off you rather than compliments you, then let our Master Tailors re-cut your suit. We pay close attention to ensure that the result is a suit that has been tailor made for you. With our suit alterations service, you can save a massive amount of money with just a few minor alterations to the fitting, consult with one of our master tailors to see what can be achieved.

The shirt is an integral item of clothing to own, if you do not like the fit of your shirt we can help. We have over 30 years of experience in performing shirt alterations including restyling. There are a multitude of shirt alteration possibilities, one of the most common is to have the cuff taken up, effectively shortening arms. This alteration can also be cut from the should to preserve the length of the placket if desired. If you’re unsure as to what needs to be done, not a problem, contact one of our master seamstresses to book an appointment, where you will be measured, advised, and fitted.

shirt alterations

Summer can be a popular time for weddings due to the weather, they can also be a stressful time with a lot of preparation to done in time for the big day. We can help alleviate some of those stresses by taking care of your wedding attire, by that we mean we can ensure all your wedding attire is fitting perfectly on the day. Wedding Dresses / bridesmaid dresses are often tried on and purchased long in advance of the event and in the build-up period some might gain or lose weight, there could be an accident and a dress becomes torn, many things can during this period leading to not quite so perfect dresses on the day. We can perform alterations / repairs with a short turnaround time so you can concentrate on enjoying your wedding this summer. For a full list of these alterations please see out bridesmaid dress alterations page.

bridesmaid dress alterations

Don’t forget it’s the attention to details which can make or break a potentially fantastic outfit, one detail which often goes forgotten about is zips, a broken zip can be both unsightly and inconvenient. A low-costing repair to be carried out which can rejuvenate an item of clothing. We also offer a zip head customisation service, we can take a zip head of your choosing and attach it, this really makes an item unique. Look at our zip repairs page for inspiration and a full list of services we provide.

Regardless of what alterations you may or may not need this summer, try your wardrobe on early, you might be surprised.

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