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It’s quickly becoming the norm to have alterations carried out on clothing purchased from retails stores. But what alterations are popular and why are people having them carried out? The increased popularity of alterations comes with the actualisation that it’s not too expensive to have clothing altered. Not only is it inexpensive but the benefits are worthy, when purchasing new clothing you expect it to fit and compliment your figure however this is rarely the case without alterations. We are now going to look at the most popular alterations that everyone is having done to their favourite items of clothing and why.

Most of our alterations are carried out for wedding attire, especially wedding dresses, this is because if there’s one day where people are wanting perfection in every aspect it’s their wedding day. Weddings can be costly and increasingly so people are looking to make a saving by altering an off the rack dress to fit perfectly. This is a great way of cutting costs as a few alterations can save a huge amount compared to purchasing a fitted dress, many alterations are inexpensive and more so than ever people are realising this and reaping the benefits. For a full list of potential alterations or to book an appointment please see our wedding dress alterations page.

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Of course, this doesn’t apply solely to wedding related tailoring but for altering in general, many people are altering their favourite outfits, or shopping with an eye for potential outfits which are unique but require alterations for a correct fit. We have over 20 years of experience in performing alterations, our talented team of highly trained tailors and seamstresses have the expertise to alter your garment to perfection, and they are fully committed to providing a unique experience, tailored for you.

Another alteration a lot of people are seeking to have carried out are dress alterations, often this means shortening or lengthening straps to alter the fitting, but it can also mean a complete re-style. A popular choice post-wedding is to transform wedding dresses into a unique high-end dress, which can be worn out to events. We pay close attention to ensure that the result is a dress that compliments your figure, without any signs it has been altered at all. Contact one of our master seamstress today to discuss your requirements.

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Sometimes the devils in the details which make or break an outfit, we find this is often the case with broken zippers. A broken zip can render a jacket or a pair of jeans useless but this need not be the case, we can replace or repair broken zip heads at a low cost. We stock a huge range of zip heads, so finding a match to your existing one is not a problem. Looking for something unique? We encourage you to bring us the zip head you desire and we can use it to replace your existing one adding a unique spin to your garment. For a full detailed list of services we offer around zip repairs or to learn more about the process please see our zip repairs page.


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