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Why put up with clothing which doesn’t fit quite right? By dedicating a small amount of time to a trip to the tailors you can soon have a wardrobe fit for a king or queen. Most men make the effort to get a nice suit altered and likewise women will generally do the same for wedding related attire, mainly seeking bridesmaid dress alterations. Why stop there when you can slowly transform your wardrobe into one which looks and feels good to wear. The main reason for this is generally down to lack of awareness and a common misconception that alterations are expensive when mostly they aren’t at all.

Our team of tailors and seamstresses have over 20 years of experience performing alterations of all natures, so you can feel assured that your garments are in safe hands. We can alter any garment be it jeans, trousers, dresses, shirts or much of anything else to fit as it was intended to. Most items we see are bought off the rack which inevitably don’t fit quite right, this is due to generalised sizes which never fit anyone perfectly and always require altering. However, we can also alter clothing to transform wedding dresses into ball gowns or personalise clothing to create unique pieces.

The cornerstone to most men’s outfits is the shirt, get this piece wrong and it can let any high-end suit down. As a diverse garment, it can be utilised across a wide range of different outfit choices making it one which is worth spending to ensure it fits correctly, complimenting your figure. We can shorten sleeves, amend the length of the shirt and more, regardless of your body type we can help. Find out how we can help and a full list of potential alterations on our shirt alterations page.

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Finally, we have the suit. A well-fitted suit can say a lot about a man and a badly fitted one can say a lot more. First impressions count, we understand the importance of a tailored suit to help achieve the image sometimes required, that’s why we have an unparalleled level of attention to detail when it comes to the suit. Whether you’re attending a wedding or have a big job interview fast approaching, it’s always worth having a suit you can rely on to make the right impression. Ensure your first impression is a good one wiith a few suit alterations

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