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What to do If you Find the Perfect Outfit in a Shop but Not in Your Size

There’s a special occasion coming up and it needs an outfit that is equally special, and it may be that the invitation specifies a particular dress code, especially for a formal event.

Unfortunately, while a search of the shops has pinpointed the perfect outfit, it is not available in the correct size. This is particularly difficult if the outfit is in an antique, vintage or nearly-new shop, where the same outfit is unlikely to be available in a range of sizes.

Most people would not consider buying an outfit not in their size and would probably continue the search. However, if the outfit is in a larger size than is needed it does not necessarily mean that it should not be bought. Why give up on an outfit you have fallen in love with when there is a solution?

It is, in any case, rare to find an outfit that fits perfectly even if it is in the correct size. People’s body shape, waist length and leg length are as variable as human beings themselves and rarely conform perfectly to the manufacturers’ standard sizes. Skirt and trouser lengths are almost certain to need alteration to achieve the perfect length for an individual body.  Hips can be narrower than the norm, chest or bust measurements larger.  For a special occasion feeling confident of perfectly fitting clothes can add to the enjoyment of the event.

The expertise of an experienced dressmaker or tailor is more than equal to the task of altering an outfit so that it fits perfectly. It is not only women who come in a range of shapes. Men too, have their issues, especially as they get older.  An alterations expert will be able to remodel an outfit so that it accentuates the positive and minimises the defects.

There is very little that cannot be altered in a suit, including trouser length, waist size, jacket linings can be replaced, sleeve lengths fixed and zips and buttons can be replaced. A good alterations service done by a professional tailor will be able to handle a wide range of fabrics, from the sheerest silks, chiffons and organzas, to the heaviest of denims, tweeds and even leather and suede.

Most shops will put a garment on hold, sometimes asking for a small deposit or alternatively agreeing a time limit, to give the customer time to consult with an alterations expert about whether what they have in mind is feasible and can be done in good time for when the outfit is needed.They are usually also experienced in advising on suitable accessories to put the finishing touches to an outfit and it might even be better to consult the experts than accessorize for oneself.

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