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Summer is upon us which means breaking out the summer wardrobe for the first time in whole year, we understand that for the most of us we might not fit perfectly back into the garments which did fit perfectly the year before. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean discarding your favourite clothing and purchasing a new wardrobe, that could prove to be costly, we have a more affordable solution, alterations. With a few alterations to your favourite garments we can fit you once again as they were originally intended to do so, contact us today to see what can be done to save your summer wardrobe. We also understand that to alter every item of clothing from the off-set may not be affordable either so why not alter the key diverse items which you’ll be making the most use of. Have a read with us about what we suggest as the lynchpins for any stylish wardrobe. Check out our dress alterations page for more information.



For men, the undoubtable staple to many outfits which are both and casual we recommend altering your favourite shirt. We understand that with time are bodies fluctuate in size and shape however with a few minor shirt alterations we can have your shirt fitting as it was intended to. With over 30 years of experience, we have become London’s leading experts in Shirt Alterations and Restyling. If you do not like the general fit of your shirt there are a number of shirt alterations that are possible.


A suit is an imperative outfit to maintain an image with in the workplace, we can help maintain this image by ensuring your suit flatters your body image. A few inexpensive suit alterations can ensure that your old suit fits you like it did once it was originally purchased. With it being summer-time, it can be a formidable time to wear a suit to work in the heat, yet this needs not be the case. In some cases, the suits lining can be replaced with a much more aeriated material allowing for a much cooler and enjoyable summer in a suit.

Maybe you’re planning a summer wedding, this can be a great time to have a wedding but it can also be a hot time to host your wedding, which might lead to reconsidering the dress of choice. This needs not be the case as we can potentially alter your ideal dress into something more desirable and practical to be worn on a hot summers day. At Alterations Boutique, we can perform any type of alteration, re-styling or re-sizing to a bridesmaid dress. Whether it needs to be completely re-styled or simply tweaked to look more flattering, we can help. Contact us or see our page on bridesmaid dress alterationsfor more information. 


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