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A well fitted outfit is a must have for any big day or event. It says something about the person, tailored clothing conveys class and elegance. A gentleman in well tailored clothes conveys importance.


Well fitted trousers are of the utmost importance to tie off an outfit for any big occasion. Why not alter those trousers that aren’t quite fitted correctly to fit like they were intended to. Even slightly altering the fit of a trouser leg can completely transform the look. We can shorten/ lengthen, half pocket, full pocket, taper legs and take in/take out. Whatever alteration you require you can find more information on our Trouser Alterations section



Require a better fitting shirt?

A well fitted shirt is the staple of many men’s wardrobes. A tailored shirt takes countless measurements to make sure that every aspect is created to fit your body and your shape. If you buy a shirt off the peg, it has a generis shape which will often need to be altered to fit comfortable and even when it has been altered, the fit still won’t be perfect. Visit our Shirt Alterations section for more information



We know how hard it is to come by a good leather jacket, but unfortunately many suffer tears over time, are ill-fitted or are without a comfortable lining. Don’t let any of these be the reason you throw out your leather jacket. Breathe new life into that old leather jacket with a new lining or repairing any tears / snags or by making alterations to size and fit. Find out how we can help by visiting our Leather Alterations section



Broken zip? This doesn’t necessarily render your garment un-wearable. Have you considered re-attaching an old zip or even adding a new? We offer a Zip Repair service bringing fresh life to old garments.


Ladies alterations are for more than just wedding ...
Give your wardrobe a new lease of life and revolut...

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