Give your wardrobe a new lease of life and revolutionise your look

All too often, we throw out perfectly good items of clothing because of small rips, tears or other imperfections. Many people simply get rid of beautiful coats, dresses and suits as soon as they see the smallest bit of damage, causing them to spend more on replacing items and rebuilding their wardrobe. However, if your clothes are of a good quality, repairing them is more affordable and better for the environment. If you have a coat that doesn’t quite fit but that’s made from high quality materials, we can provide standard and fur coat alterations to ensure the garment fits your body and your look perfectly.

Another common reason for getting rid of a pair of trousers, an evening dress or a jacket is a broken zip. Making a garment all but useless, a zip that’s stuck firmly in place, or that won’t connect with its other half, can make your favourite piece of clothing unwearable. Instead of throwing your treasured item away, simply send it to us for zip repairs. Quick, easy and very effective, a repaired or replaced zip can give your favourite outfit a brand new lease of life.

As well as damage and wear and tear, another common reason for getting rid of high quality pieces of clothing is changing body shape. Losing or gaining even a few pounds can dramatically alter the way a garment hangs, changing the way it looks and affecting how you feel when you’re wearing it. We can easily solve this common issue by performing basic dress, coat and shirt alterations. Perfect when you have a high quality garment that you want to reuse after a diet, or if you’ve rediscovered a piece of clothing from your youth and want to bring it back into your life, our alterations can help you create the wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

Sometimes, even the best quality pieces of clothing begin to tire thanks to wear and tear. This is especially true of coats as many of us will wear our favourite jacket throughout the year, giving it plenty of use and pushing the fabric to its limits. Luckily, a tired coat can easily be brought back to life with our coat relining service. Choose the material that you want to reline your coat with and we’ll do the rest, giving you a garment that you can continue to enjoy for years to come. To find out more about this, or any of our other services, explore our website or get in touch with a member of our team.

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