Items to help you transition to spring and summer 

Items to help you transition to spring and summer 

Four staple items to help you transition to warmer days

Spring is one of the most temperamental seasons we have. Just as you’ve packed away all of your winter clothing for the season, the weather will hit you with a rainy day and cold winds. It’s important to be prepared for just about anything, and having transitional pieces that can fit a few temperatures is the way to go. Keep reading for some of our staple items we think are perfect for the transition between the colder weather and warmer days! 


Culottes are a pair of loose trousers that cut off around the middle of your shin, a similar length to a midi skirt. They’re perfect for warmer days as they let in a light breeze, but also offer the coverage you might need if the wind becomes a bit chillier throughout the day. You can get them in a variety of materials and patterns, giving you the opportunity to go for a more casual pair or something you can dress up a bit more. They’ve recently become a really popular style and it’s easy to see why! They’re stylish, versatile, and adaptable for the weather.

Midi skirts

Similarly to above, midi-skirts give the opportunity to offer coverage when needed while also giving you room for comfort if the weather does get a bit warmer. As they come in various styles and materials you can also dress them up or dress them down, and choose to have many different prints to choose from. If you’re looking for something more unique you can even talk to your seamstress about creating your own midi skirt from a print of your choice!


A shacket is simply a mixture of a shirt and jacket, they tend to come in the shape of a shirt but are a bit thicker and more structured than your typical shirt. The jacket structure also adds a bit more thickness, so on chillier days you can get a bit of warmth that you wouldn’t be able to get from a typical shirt. Leather shackets have recently become a very popular style and are perfect for the transition! Leather jackets are in fashion all year round, and it seems to be the same rule for the shackets.

Light jumpers

An important part of transitional fashion is being able to layer up and down. A light jumper allows you to throw it on if you are feeling a bit chilly, but also take it off for when the sun does start shining. Try to opt for a thin jumper that fits in your typical day to day bag. This way you won’t be carrying it around if you do need to de-layer, and it’s easy to just grab out of your bag for those times you do get cold.

With spring and summer on its way, we’re soon to have those days where you just don’t know how to dress for the changing weather. These items are perfect for that transitional season, and can also be worn throughout spring and summer, so it’s a win win! 


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