How to ensure your wedding dress is just right

For many brides to be, the dress is one of the most important things about their big day. Whether it’s going to be a small intimate wedding, a big elaborate affair or a quirky occasion, the look and fit of the dress will determine how confident, and how beautiful, the bride feels on her wedding day.

However, with so many things to think about, it’s not uncommon for brides to put off dress shopping till the last minute. Even if they do find the perfect dress well before their wedding, many brides still run out of time to arrange fittings and alterations, leaving them with a dress that isn’t quite right on the big day.

Changing shapes

As most brides shop for their dress months before their wedding day, it’s inevitable that many will find their body changes shape in the intervening period. Whether it’s because they’re losing weight in preparation or they’re comfort eating in apprehension, brides’ bodies are very likely to change shape in the run up to their wedding.

In most cases, these changes are relatively minor and some basic wedding dress alterations will be enough to ensure the gown fits perfectly come the big day. However, if the bride has lost or gained a large amount of weight, or if they’ve become pregnant, they may find that their original dress is no longer flattering. In these cases, some brides may find they need to start their dress search again, looking for a design that’s a more flattering for their new body shape.

Leave time for a final fitting

However manic the run up to the wedding is, it’s crucial that brides leave plenty of time for a final fitting at least a few days before the big day. If they leave the fitting too late, there won’t be time for any adjustments and brides will have no choice but to walk down the aisle in a dress that’s not perfect.

At this fitting, it’s important that you wear the underwear you’re planning to use on the day itself. That way, your tailor will be able to see exactly where adjustments need to be made. If you’re going to be wearing a coat on the big day, bring it along too. If it doesn’t fit properly, your tailor will be able to make the necessary coat alterations to ensure every element of your outfit is just right.

If you want to share the love and make sure every member of the bridal party is feeling their best, have your bridesmaids come along to this final fitting and invest in some bridesmaid dress alterations as a special treat.

To find out more about wedding dress alterations, have a look around our site or get in touch with a member of our team.

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