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Nowadays people are frequently judged on first and very quick impressions of their appearance and this applies as much to men as it does to women. If a man needs to impress, either at an important meeting or at a job interview not only will a stylish, well-fitting and cared for suit look good, it will help its wearer to feel confident.

Men’s suits are a significant investment, whether bought off the peg or specially tailored, and it is rare for an off the peg suit to fit perfectly. In terms of style the advice is that a two-button jacket gives a more streamlined and slim look. The correct colours for accessories such as socks, shirt, tie and shoes will also make a difference to the overall impression of smartness and this is something that an experienced tailor or alterations expert may also be able to advise on.

Even when the correct suit size has been bought the most likely alterations that may be needed are adjusting the shoulders since no-one is entirely symmetrical. Almost certainly the trouser and sleeve lengths will need altering and perhaps also narrowing in either sleeves or jacket at the waist.

Trousers should not be so long that they end in several gathers around the feet and similarly sleeves should end at the bend of the wrist.

Given the purchase price of a decent suit and the possible investment in alterations for it to fit perfectly it then makes sense to preserve the suit’s life by taking proper care of its cleaning and storage.  Avoiding overloading the pockets with fat wallets or a lot of heavy loose change will prevent the fabric from stretching and drooping and it is also a good idea to unbutton the jacket before sitting down.

After wearing a suit for a day it should be hung outside the wardrobe for a day to allow time for any moisture to dry out before it is put away. This is particularly important for refreshing the fibres of a suit made out of natural wool.

A suit jacket should be hung on a good wooden hanger, preferably covered by a storage bag and not crammed into a too packed space in order to avoid wrinkles and creases. Most suits need to be dry cleaned, but this should only be done every three months or so or after about a half dozen wearings because the chemical cleaners used in dry cleaning can over time start to damage the fabric.

A spot or stain should be removed as soon as possible, gently and using a clean, damp cloth.  Stains should be pointed out to the dry cleaner so that they can be removed before the suit is cleaned and pressed because hot irons will fix the stain permanently.

A small amount of attention to issues like the above will help preserve the investment a person has made in buying a good quality suit and making sure it fits properly.

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