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Fashion Disasters and How to Resurrect Them

It used to be said that looking into many women’s wardrobe would be likely to reveal some outfits that have languished there unworn ever since they were bought but these days the phenomenon is not confined to women. The seasonal fashions for men and women change and the desire to grab a bargain is universal. As people have become more and more conscious of their appearance inevitably mistakes will happen.

It may be that they are impulse buys prompted by a famous label offered at a huge reduction but once the bargain has been brought home it looks different or it does not fit quite as well as anticipated. It does not have to be money wasted, however, especially if the colour and fabric quality are fine but the styling is not or perhaps the garment when tried on is a little larger or longer than its buyer realised. Instead of chalking it up to experience and adding it to similar purchases languishing in the wardrobe it may be worth getting an experienced dressmaker or tailor to take a look.

A skilful dressmaker or tailor may be able to turn a fashion disaster into a triumph with a little thought and re-modelling. Many of them offer a service that includes assessing the contents of a wardrobe and advising on what can be kept, transformed with a restyle or altered to fit better and what garments are plainly long for the owner’s body shape, colouring or style and perhaps sold on the internet or consigned to the charity shop.

It could be that a garment can be resurrected by something as simple as removing an unnecessary frill or changing the colour of the buttons.  If there is enough spare material it may be that a more comprehensive alteration will turn it into something flattering and stylish that its owner will feel is flattering and will be confident to wear.

An alterations expert often has the experience and knowledge to advise on the best look for a person’s body type and some offer a consultation service for people who feel their wardrobe is looking a bit tired and their look needs to be updated. They will be able to advise on everything from the best colours to wear, the right shoes, bags or jewellery to achieve a new look or even a different way of putting together what a person already owns.

Dressmaking and sewing are not the universal skills they were some years ago partly because of the development of fashion chains selling ranges of affordable clothing.  However, in the difficult economic circumstances many people are facing since the recession of 2008 investing in skilled alterations and style advice could be a wiser investment than rather than spending money on a replacement item.

Investing in the services of a skilled expert in alterations could lead to a whole new and refreshed wardrobe that will provide the basics for many occasions, whether it is a glamorous event, a party, a smart appearance at a job interview where first impressions count or even for everyday smart office wear.

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