A Bridal Baby Bump: A Pregnant Brides Guide To Dress Alterations!

A Bridal Baby Bump: A Pregnant Brides Guide To Dress Alterations!

Maternity Wedding Dresses Alterations


A Bridal Baby Bump: A Pregnant Brides Guide To Dress Alterations!

Pregnant, but getting married?

Here’s our ultimate guide to wedding dress alterations for the perfect fit!

Congratulations are in order - you are about to celebrate not one but two amazing events in your life. With a baby on the way and your wedding day right around the corner, you have plenty to smile about. But, how do you prepare for the big day? What if you’ve had everything planned up until now and, surprise, surprise, you’re pregnant? No matter how unsure you feel at this moment in time, don’t give up on your dream dress. You are going to look fabulous (and feel incredible!) on your wedding day.

We have seen many bridal blunders in our time, and there’s almost always a simple solution. In today’s article, we’ll discuss everything you need to plan a wedding during pregnancy; from finding a bump-accommodating dress to a professional wedding dress alterations service that makes you feel a million dollars.

 The Best Maternity Wedding Dress Styles

Planning a wedding with a bun in the oven is tricky enough with pregnancy hormones thrown into the mix, but coupled with the stress of finding a dream dress that can accommodate your baby bump, emotions can go into overdrive. To help alleviate some of the pressure that comes with wedding dress shopping, we are sharing the best styles to disguise or display, depending on your preference, your baby-to-be.

Conceal, not reveal:

For brides that don’t want to expose their growing tummy, a strapless empire waist gown with lace or embellished overlay is a smart choice. Not only will this style highlight the smallest part of your waist, but the detailed fabric will also draw the eye upwards taking the attention away from the stomach.

Wedding Shoes for Pregnant Brides

However, your belly isn’t the only thing that grows during your pregnancy - so do your feet. Choose a comfortable, yet stylish, shoe with plenty of kick to support you as you walk down the aisle. Dance the night away without the fear of even a slight stumble! You may feel confident in your stance, but as the big day draws ever closer, and the nerves kick in, you don’t want to be second guessing something as simple as shoes.

pregnant bride shoes

Show off your baby bump:

When faced with an ever-changing body, it’s tempting to ditch everything you know in favour of something more “appropriate.” Pre-pregnancy, you might flaunt your figure in a tight, tailored, pencil dress. A common mistake is to compromise on your style. You can still wear your dream dress whether you’re pregnant or not. Everyone assumes that as a pregnant bride you should dress in a huge, shapeless dress. Straight up, and down. There’s no need to make the sudden switch to something out of your comfort zone. Opt for a longer top and extended neckline to enhance your womanly curves.

Make your wedding day a celebration of new beginnings with your partner and baby. How about using coloured balloons to reveal the gender of your baby? Or perhaps the bouquet or centrepieces could be a subtle hint to this? Of course, if you don’t want to announce it on the day, you can hire a wedding photographer to take ‘thank you card’ photos. This could show your hands together in a heart shape next to your baby bump - just don’t forget to address them from the three of you!

What happens when a bride falls pregnant after she has bought the dress?

When consulting a bride at Alterations Boutique, our job is to remind them while this may be a stressful time, between planning a wedding and a baby, it should be celebrated, not feared. We want all brides to be confident walking down the aisle. After all, when you feel your absolute best, it shines through. Finally, you need to be comfortable. Our bridal specialists use only the best quality materials. From intricate lace, beads and embellishment to simple, silky satin, we’ll find the right style for you.  You can also read the ultimate wedding dress bustle guide.

An important question we always ask is “in which trimester will you get married?” It’s important to consider, as if you are getting married in a matter of months, there may be more options available to you. You may not require as many alterations to your wedding dress, as you are in the early stages of pregnancy. For brides in their second or even third trimester, there are far more complications.

Keep in mind; you should never judge a woman on past pregnancies because they are all unique. Typically, we advise that brides add one inch for every month she is pregnant. This is a pretty good indication as to the work that needs to be done.

Last minute mistakes are not what a bride wants in the days before her wedding day. You’ll be pleased to know; we leave nothing to chance. There’s so much to arrange in the run up to your wedding day without having to stress about the dress. All requirements are discussed in advance to offer the bride complete peace of mind.

Contact us for bridal alterations prices

Once a bride has made the decision she needs alterations, the question that often follows is “how much do bridal dress alterations cost?” Every dress is different, as established. So, it only follows that the pricing is bespoke to suit your particular circumstances. If you are planning a wedding, and have fallen pregnant, don’t panic. Once we have seen your dress and understood your requirements, we’ll be able to provide you with an accurate quote.

 Maternity Wedding Dresses Alterations

For dress alterations of any variety, please get in touch with Alterations Boutique.

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