Wedding Dress Patterns: A Dress Making Guide For The Modern Bride

Wedding Dress Patterns: A Dress Making Guide For The Modern Bride

To get the most perfect wedding dress, it can sometimes take a little extra effort.

Since those teenage years, you’ve had a vision of the ultimate bridal gown cemented in your mind. It only makes sense that when the big day comes around, that’s the exact dress you walk down the aisle wearing. However, it’s not always as simple as visiting a handful of wedding dress shops across your local area and walking away with that dream dress. Sometimes, finding your dress can be the most stressful part of the wedding planning process. You’re not actually guaranteed to find the one and the last thing you want to do is just pick a dress purely so you have one.  Finding a wedding dress alterations proffesional is always an option as well. 

 It’s the modern day. Who says you can’t be a bit more creative?

Only you know the exact dress you want to wear on your big day. Why not think about planning it yourself? More and more brides are taking matters into their own hands, creating modern wedding dress patterns which, in turn, can be transformed into the gown of dreams. It doesn’t have to be difficult; you just need the right measures in place and the right help at hand.

Of course, we’re not all a whizz with the sewing machine (or with creating wedding dress patterns for that matter). So getting the help from a knowledgeable friend, family member or professional tailor can be a godsend. So, bearing all this in mind, where can you start? How do you take that first step in creating a wedding dress you know you’ll love and wear with pride?

Get your creative head on.

The most practical way to get others to envisage your dream dress is to get out those sketching pencils. Detailing the overall look of your gown, how it will fall, the cut and maybe any other styling features that are significant through a sketch can give anyone you work with a better idea of what you want. Perhaps think more in-depth and draw out possible patterns for a wedding dress up front. This can help you decide whether it’s a project that’s achievable in the time frame before your big day or whether you need a whole new rethink.

Collect and note down your measurements.

When you’ve got an idea of what you want to go for, it’s essential to get some accurate measurements of your body. Note down every measurement you’d need for your dress and get a precise fitting from us. Our tailors have over 30 years of experience, meaning you’re in capable hands. We’ll accurately measure you up and then turn these specific sizes into your wedding dress pattern measurements. You need to make sure you give a little leeway to accommodate any changes to your body from now until your wedding. Our professional services can ensure your dress is amended for the most perfect fit.

Pick a pattern.

Here’s the most exciting part; researching or creating the pattern you’ve dreamt about for so long. You may already have some popular wedding dress patterns in mind, such as a vintage wedding dress or something that will be long and elegant. Whatever it is, make sure it’s the one; you don’t want to be changing your mind half way through the creation of your dress.

If you’re getting a premade pattern, there are so many places to visit both in physical and online stores which stock patterns and layouts for you to work with. If you’ve got your ideal style in mind ready to go, do a little research online to find a good stockist or call around a few clothing and fabric providers. We also wrote an article about Great Patterns for Lace Wedding Dresses. If you’ve found that a pattern you’re after has been discontinued, chances are that you’ll still be able to grab the one for you if you act quickly. Stores sometimes keep patterns up to year after they’ve been taken from the shop floor.

Choose your fabric.

The beauty of creating your own wedding dress patterns is also choosing the perfect fabric to go with them, which is something you may have to compromise if you choose from a bridal store. When you have your pattern mapped out, you should have a pretty good idea of the fabric you want to use. It’s important to choose something comfortable and durable as you’ll be wearing it for the majority of your big day. Need a hand choosing the fabric for your dress? Ask one of our experts for advice.

Any adjustments? Speak now or forever hold your peace!

When you have your fabric and patterns ready to go, now is the time to speak up if there is anything you want to change. After cutting out your patterns, look at the pieces; do you want a shorter sleeve? Do you think you need to adjust your neckline slightly? Making these odd changes beforehand will save time later on. Make sure you only go ahead with making the dress when you are 100% happy you’ve got your ideal gown laid out in front of you. Also be sure to read our article What’s the Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type.

Mock up!

Hopefully by now, you’ll be pretty excited that you’re well on your way to creating your most perfect dress. All you need to do now is to mock it up and hold your breath for that initial try on session. Whatever you do, don’t proceed with creating your dress before you’ve tried it on for size – you may find a long list of issues to change before you’re satisfied.

From wedding dress patterns to amendments, we’ve got the knowledge to get you through.

Before you even think about cracking out the sewing machine and sitting on your stool, always question your abilities. Can you take your wedding dress patterns, piece them altogether, line them, and create an immaculate dress? Unless you’ve spent a good few years in the trade, the average person won’t be skilled enough to create and put together a perfect dress adequately.

At Alterations Boutique London, we can help every bride-to-be look their absolute best through impeccable alterations and the best advice in the business. For more information about what we do or to book an appointment, contact us on 0207 724 4147 or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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