Jackets you need for autumn 2021

Jackets you need for autumn 2021

Jackets for autumn

There’s nothing worse than when you put together a gorgeous autumnal outfit just to realise it’s chilly outside and you really need to wear a jacket. Well fear no more, there are some really stylish jackets out there to help complete your look rather than deflate it. It’s time to stock your wardrobe with some essential autumnal jackets. 


We’ve put together a list of our three must-have jacket styles to see you through autumn. From a denim jacket you can just throw on, to a staple blazer that fits you perfectly, here are our must-have styles for this autumn. 

Three must-have jacket styles


If there’s one jacket that will never go out of style it’s the classic denim jacket. These are so easy to pair with almost any outfit and are a great thickness for keeping you warm when the weather changes without you getting too warm. They’re also really handy to have all year round, so you’ll definitely get your wear out of them. If looked after properly, they can also last you a really long time, and they’ll be perfect to wear for many autumns to come. 


Similarly to the denim jacket, a bomber jacket is a great piece that you can just throw on top of your outfit and be ready to go. They help to keep you warm, while also adding an extra touch of style to your outfit. If you are opting for a more simple outfit, try wearing a stand-out bomber jacket to elevate your look and really make you look fashion-forward. A faux fur bomber is a great option for this, completing your look and becoming the staple piece for the outfit. 


If there is one thing that’s never going out of fashion it’s a classic blazer. Blazers are really great for when you want to look a bit more sophisticated, but also want to keep warm. Rather than a piece you just throw on on top of your outfit, a blazer is really part of your entire look, and often they’re the staple piece. Look for a few blazers in different styles, patterns and colours so you have some variety to see you through the season. 


Of all the jackets, blazers are often the most difficult to find that fit you really well. Instead of settling for something that kind of fits, pop to our alterations specialists with a blazer of your choice. When a blazer fits you properly it can make such a difference to how you look and feel, so it’s definitely something worth investing in.

So there you have it - three must-have jackets for autumn 2021. The best part about these styles is they aren’t based on trends that come and go, they’re all going to last you years as they never go out of style. Investing in some of these pieces will see you through years to come, so you don’t have to panic buy every time you feel a chill in the air. 


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