The Royal Wedding Dresses

The Royal Wedding Dresses

Take Inspiration From Wedding Dresses Throughout History

The Royals are embedded in British society… whether we like it or not, when people think British, they think of the lovely posh people that live at Buckingham Palace. They are a family adored all over the world, mostly due to their fancy and extravagant traditions. A large part of this being the weddings – and of course, royal wedding dresses . When there’s a royal wedding, everybody knows, and it is watched by millions globally, leaving no room for a fashion faux pas. So why not take some inspiration from the wide array of elegant British wedding dresses that have been worn by princesses over the centuries? Here at the Alterations Boutique, we have proven our ability to transform any dress, so go ahead and book an appointment to let us restyle your bridal dress to resemble a beautiful royal wedding dress from history.

So, what are some of the famous British royal wedding dresses?

The first Royal wedding dress…

If we start from the very beginning (the very best place to start), Princess Alexandra of Denmark’s dress designed in London was the first ever dress to be photographed whilst being worn. The dress was fancy, to say the least, with a ball gown skirt, trimmed with netting and patterned lace, the lace full of traditional designs like English roses and Irish shamrocks rather than the more elegant and modern lace that princesses have worn more recently. Kate Middleton’s dress was a fab example of a princess using traditional fabrics but restyling them to suit modern day fashions.

Princess Alexandra’s dress was featured as a piece in the Fashion Museum’s ‘Royal Women’ exhibition. She also had her own royal wedding dress altered post-wedding, which people have suggested was probably done so she could re-wear it as an evening dress; even the Royals re-wear! The 21-foot long train may have been an issue otherwise… We’d be happy to help you do the same, or vice versa if you have a dress you would love to wear for your special day that just doesn’t quite match up to your ‘dream dress’ expectations.

princess alexandra wedding dress

Fast forward to our lovely Queen Elizabeth…

Our current Queen and icon of Britain wore a less extravagant ivory silk A-line skirt on her big day. Her 13-foot veil embellished with stars and flowers made of crystals and pearls was the main feature, which gave her royal wedding dress an almost majestic vibe. Whether it’s the dress or the veil you want to be the main event on your wedding day, we’ve got you covered.

princess elizabeth wedding dress

Princess Diana

The nation’s favourite Princess Diana blew the royal wedding dress game out the park when she went for a meringue-esque yet timeless piece. The sleeves, the collar, the ball gown skirt… every element made it the kind of dress that no one could forget. If an unforgettable and dramatic piece is what you had in mind, but you currently own a bobby-average dress, we can help so please get in touch.

princess diana wedding dress

Kate Middleton

Kate’s dress was another one that stole the show, her Alexander McQueen dress incorporated lace in an elegant and modern way with an otherwise simple skirt. The lace on this royal wedding dress was hand-cut and a lot more understated than, for example, the massive things on Princess Alexandra’s. But it worked perfectly against her tanned complexion, brunette curls and tiny figure. If you’re a brunette or olive-skinned bride, white lace is perhaps something to incorporate into your dress.

kate middleton wedding dress

Meghan Markle

The princess of the moment, Meghan Markle, represents the Royal family adopting an open and fresh attitude to marriage. Her modern and refreshing entry into the Royal family was reflected perfectly by her simple, sleek yet stunning silk royal wedding dress by Givenchy – and no lace in sight! The only Royal fashion tradition in sight on Meghan’s big day was her diamond-encrusted tiara, which contrasted against her simple dress perfectly. Perhaps you have a wedding dress at home that has been handed down to you or is a vintage piece, we would love to help you create something demure and modern.

meghan markle wedding dress

How can you look like a Royal? Our top tips!


One common element in most of the Royal wedding dresses through history is lace, lace and more lace. Whether it be incorporated into the skirt, bodice or even if it just trims the veil, having lace as a feature in your dress is a sure fire way to look like a princess.


Every Royal bride we have seen has a veil with a train almost longer than a football pitch. A veil can add some detail and drama to an otherwise plain number and it also requires about five people to help carry it, so you really will feel special.

Detail… or not

In general, we can help you add some detail, using beads, sequins, pearls etc. because detail seems to be the way to go if you want a traditional looking Royal wedding dress. On the other hand, you may want to go down the modern route and have your dress stripped down to be more understated yet effective. Either way, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Our experience creating Royal wedding dress masterpieces

Here at Alterations Boutique, the possibilities for what we can do to help you create your dream dress are endless, whether you want something like one of the famous Royal wedding dresses through history or not. In 2011, Alterations Boutique made the first ever replica of the ever so lovely Kate Middleton’s royal wedding dress in just five hours, so imagine what we could do with even more time… Our founder Maria Blazquez was interviewed on Sky News: "Alterations Boutique on Sky News Kate Middleton's Wedding dress" talking about the dress we made commissioned by The Times.

royal wedding dress

You can even hear the famous designer of Princess Diana’s wedding dress sing our praises on ITV’s Lorraine: "Alterations Boutique on Lorraine Show (ITV)" – if David Emanuel likes our dressmaking skills, there can be no doubt about the quality of our wedding dress alterations service. Look at the beautiful royal wedding dresses through history and you name it, the possibilities are endless for how we can help you restyle your perfect dress.

Let us help you be the next Royal princess on your special day

Our wedding dress alterations costs are consistently checked to make sure they’re fair and reasonable – initial consultations and fittings are completely free! For more information about our alteration services, or to book an appointment, contact us today on 0207 724 4147 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to chat with one of our experts.

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