2019 Wedding Dress Trends

2019 Wedding Dress Trends

Gowns for the 2019 bride

On the hunt for a wedding dress and looking to learn what other brides are wearing? We’ve been researching and have put together a list of some of the 2019 wedding dress trends we’ve seen this year. Knowing what trends are in the bridal world can help you prepare for your own big day and guide your wedding dress appointment. It’s always good to go into your appointment with some idea of what styles you’re interested in. Keep reading for all you need to know about the top bridal trends this year. If you find one that you love but you would just like a few extra details added, consider wedding dress alterations


Designers have been getting fun and flirty this year with the addition of feathers! Whether it’s a few feather details on the skirts, or an entire dress featuring the fluffy details, there are a range of feather dresses out there. The feather trend is all about dramatic flares, nothing makes you stand out quite like feathers on your dress. Top tip - keep your hair and makeup simple to make the dress shine and look elegant, avoiding making the look into a costume piece. 


Wedding dresses with capes have become a staple in 2019 wedding dress trends. Ranging from simple embroidered ponchos to full length sheer capes, designers have been immersed into the word of capes. Having a cape, whether it falls at your hips, goes to the ground, or acts as a train, is a great addition to any gown. The best part is that it’s a removable element, this makes it great for switching up your dress from the ceremony to the reception. 


Minimalism is in. Since Meghan Markle’s simple yet extraordinary dress in April 2018, designers have taken the time to perfect the minimalist dress. Some people confuse a minimalistic dress with being boring, which is completely untrue. Minimalist dresses exude elegance, giving the bride the chance to be the centerpiece of the day with the dress being the accessory. Whether you’re looking for a princess style, mermaid, or a-line, minimalist dresses are available in all styles.

Tiered Skirts

A silhouette taken straight out of the 1970’s, tiered skirts are taking off in a major way. Tiered skirts give volume, personality and style to a wedding dress, offering a different take on your traditional gown. This has been particularly popular in spring and summer weddings, giving a flirty and romantic feeling that fits perfectly with the floral surroundings. 


These are just a few of the new trends we’ve seen popping up over the last few months! A trend that will never die in the bridal world is getting the fit of the dress right. For all of your wedding dress alterations needs, get in touch!

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