What Dresses can be Altered?


Alterations Boutique is one of London’s leading dress alterations experts. Customers frequently ask if it’s possible to alter a prom dress, wedding dress, ball gown, work uniform, cocktail dress… the list goes on. To make things simple, we’ve put together a guide on which dresses can be altered.

Dress Alterations


Because we have such an experienced and skilled team in our London boutique, we can offer a full range of dress alterations. If you’re unsure whether your halter neck, tulle, pinafore or shift dress can be altered, you can assume the answer is yes.


It takes an expert to do the job properly, but any dress can be altered with the right materials and skill. At Alterations Boutique, we match the material, weave, thread and embellishments of your original dress precisely so the alterations will be completely invisible. Whether you’re changing the fit of your dress, altering the shape of the neckline or adding in a new feature, you’ll be the only one to know the difference.

The Dresses That Can Be Altered


Wedding Dress Alterations


Wedding dresses can, without doubt, undergo alterations. In fact, it’s one of the most common dresses to be altered as brides always want to ensure their dresses fit perfectly! Whether you’ve inherited a stunning wedding dress from a family member and need it resizing, or you want to customise the otherwise perfect dress with lace embellishments, Alterations Boutique can do it.


Bridal dress alterations don’t just cover changes in size and fitting, they can also include things such as adding a bustle -- which keeps your train out of the way for dancing -- or changing the style of the neckline.

altered wedding dresses


Bridesmaid Dress Alterations


While brides want their own wedding dress to be perfect, it’s vital the bridesmaids’ dresses aren’t forgotten! Bridesmaids dresses often need altering as they’re sold in matching styles for women of different shapes. Your bridesmaids will likely be different sizes to each other, yet will have the same dress. Alterations of dresses to fit each bridesmaid are vital not just to ensure your friends are comfortable, but to make sure they look fantastic too!


Cocktail Dress


While cocktail dresses vary significantly in style, they’re always on the shorter side and usually close fitting. This means it’s important that your cocktail dress fits perfectly in order to show off your natural beauty and looks as great as possible! Cocktail dresses might need shortening to be the perfect length, or taken in at the sides to fit snugly.


Ball Gown Alterations


The average person unfortunately doesn’t wear many ball gowns in day to day life, but that makes it all the more important to be able to have ball gown alterations. You want those special occasions when you do get to wear a ball gown to be perfect!


Because ball gowns are traditionally floor length, it’s necessary that their length fits you exactly. While you can get away with cocktail dresses being a fraction too long or short for your body size, ball gowns need to be perfect: too long and they drag on the floor, too short and they lose their classy, elegant look.


Work Dresses


Work dresses are more simple in style than ball gowns, but when you’re wearing an outfit frequently, it’s important that it fits well. This not only helps you feel more comfortable at work, but also gives you confidence and makes you feel more professional.


Because work dresses often have little in the way of the embellishments and ornamentation found in formal wear, such as multiple layers, lace or netting, they’re not very forgiving when it comes to alterations. They require an expert hand to get the alterations not only right, but unnoticeable.


Prom Dresses


Prom is a really special event for any young person and it’s often the first occasion you get to dress up. It means the way your dress fits and looks really matters; you’ll remember it for years to come! Prom dresses can be altered both to fit your shape and size - whether it’s hemming, or taking it out at the sides - or to change the style. You might have found a dress that’s perfect in every way, except that it’s missing the bow you had in mind, or the lace on the bodice. Whatever prom dress alterations you need, Alterations Boutique can help.

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Dress Alterations Prices


Once a customer has asked what dresses can be altered, their second question is often how much does it cost? Every dress, whether it’s a bridal, work or prom dress is different and every person wearing it is unique. Alterations are tailored to your body and dress, so the prices are too. The changes you need completing, and the time and skill it will take, all impact the price.


If you have a dress you need altering, give us a call and come in to see us. It’s only once we’ve seen the dress in person that we can provide you with an accurate quote that reflects the value of the clothing and that of our seamstresses skills and time!


For dress alterations of any variety, get in touch with Alterations Boutique.