Three popular coat styles to wear this winter

Winter is well and truly here, and as the cold winds come in it’s important to have the right coats to keep you warm and cosy when braving the outdoors. When you want to keep warm it doesn’t mean you have to give up looking great, there are so many different fashionable winter coats out there for you to choose from. Rather than covering up your outfit, incorporate your coats into your look and stay warm and fashion forward all in one. Keep reading for just a few of the most popular coat styles you can wear this winter. 

Lined parka

A parka is a fashion staple for most seasons, but when winter is here opt for one that has some thick lining to keep you cosy. Faux fur-lined parkas are one of the cosiest coats out there, with a nice soft and warm inside, keeping you safe from the chilly weather and allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. You can also get them with a nice lined hood, so no worries if you forget your hat because you’ll be able to keep your head cosy with your trusty lined parka.

Puffer jacket

Puffer jackets are a staple for the colder weather, thick and padded to keep you nice and warm even on the coldest of days. Puffer jackets come in a variety of styles and colours, so the type you go for really depends on your own personal fashion sense. If you want one that will go with anything then opt for a neutral colour, black if you want to be extra safe. Most importantly you want to make sure you get one that is well padded to keep the cold out!

Aviator jacket

Aviator jackets are one of those styles that have really never gone out of fashion. Not only are they a really stylish choice, they can also be great to wear in the cold. Also available with a faux fur-lining, this jacket much like the parka has a thick lining to keep you cosy and warm. Similarly to a leather jacket, the aviator goes with almost any outfit, making it a great winter staple for you to throw on when your leather jacket won’t be enough to keep you warm. They’re also great for those colder nights out as they can look quite smart and sophisticated instead of oversized and messy.

No matter which of these coats you choose to wear this winter you’re going to be feeling warm and looking great. Choose your faveourite hat, gloves, and scarves to go along with it and you’ll be out all day no matter the weather. 


If you do find yourself with a coat you think would be perfect for winter if it had the right lining, talk to your seamstress. Alterations are available to create a nice cosy inside to your jackets and have you feeling warm in your favourite, and now personalised, coat. Alternatively, opt for lots of layers underneath to help keep in some extra warmth underneath. 


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