Brides Want to Feel Their Wedding Dress is Perfect for Their Special Day

Brides Want to Feel Their Wedding Dress is Perfect for Their Special Day


There are always a million details to be organised in preparation for a wedding and one of the most important to most brides is looking and feeling beautiful. Choosing the dress for the bride, and for bridesmaids, is influenced by many factors and can be influenced by budget, family traditions and the bride’s own wishes and style.

Part of this decision will come from the whether the wedding is to be traditional or modern, a sophisticated evening event with a civil ceremony, a simple church wedding or perhaps a beach wedding in the tropics.There may be a theme for the wedding and also the time of year when it is to be held may dictate the style and fabrics that will be used in the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses.

Like any other type of clothing, wedding dresses are subject to fashion, but to feel truly comfortable means that the bride should choose is the right one for her. There are no absolute rules and while many brides want to wear the traditional white there is nothing wrong with choosing to wear a colour instead.

All brides want to feel unique and beautiful and this may influence the decision about whether to have a specially-made dress or whether to choose one ready-made. In some families there is a tradition of handing a dress down the generations and some brides-to-be actually like the idea of having an antique dress.

Alterations for your bridal gown

Whatever the decision it is likely that alterations will be needed to ensure that the dress fits perfectly so that a bride can feel comfortable, confident and relaxed on the day.If the choice of dress is a family heirloom it may be that, in addition to alterations for it to fit, the bride will also want more subtle re-modelling and perhaps adding a new sash, a bolero or stole or a different veil to feel that it is truly hers.

No matter how carefully an antique or heirloom dress has been stored it is likely that small details of trimming could have suffered damage, such as missing beads or sequins or a tear in lace or a bid of embroidery that needs to be refurbished. A professional dressmaker will be able to make the necessary alterations.  They will need to be capable of doing fine and invisible work and know where to source trimmings to match any that may have been lost.

Remodelling an antique dress to subtly refresh its look and ensuring that it will fit its latest wearer perfectly is an art that depends not only on skill with needle and thread but also in the dressmaker being able to advise its wearer tactfully and sympathetically about what is possible and what will best suit her body shape.

There may be a need for additional minor alterations as the big day gets closer and perhaps the bride-to-be has either lost or gained weight.An experienced dressmaker who pays attention to the small details will be able to achieve the look that makes every bride feel truly special.

Tailoring Dresses, Veils and Memories

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