The Alterations Boutique can offer Personal Styling (Image Consulting) & Personal Shopping service for men and women, in London.


We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Colour Analysis 

  • Style Analysis

  • Makeup Advice

  • Wardrobe Auditing

  • Personal Shopping


Colour Analysis:

Explaining and showing the most flattering colours, how to wear them, where on their person it is most important to put them and the effect they have i.e. with the correct colours you will look younger (10 years younger in many cases!), healthier, more interesting, vibrant and sparkling.  You will stand out.


Style Analysis:

Explaining and showing which styles are most flattering for your body shape, proportions, lifestyle, aspirations.  You will understand how you can influence others by your choice of clothing, reflect your personality, appear younger, more up-to-date, stylish, original.  You will learn to understand your own style personality and how to reflect it in the clothes you choose and the way you wear them.  All aspects of your appearance will be covered because ALL have an effect on how we look - hairstyles and colour, shoes, boots, handbags, jewellery, belts, spectacles, sunglasses, buttons, lapels, briefcases, hosiery, coats, jackets, skirts, trousers, - lengths, fabrics(weight, fluidity etc), cut, fit, prints (florals, stripes etc.), proportions, positions (e.g. belt on waist or below it, at which angle).  Specialised areas of interest e.g. Swimwear, eveningwear, sports wear, millinery, gloves. You name it, we will advise you on it, unless you ask us to avoid any particular area.


Makeup advice:

Taking into consideration the most flattering colours, skin-type, hair, personality, lifestyle, personal preferences etc. Application techniques etc.


Wardrobe auditing:

We can go through your wardrobe advising on what can be kept, altered, or should be donated to Charity.  We will give you advice on transforming/ restyling something that has never worn, for example sometimes it might only be a question of changing the buttons, but in other cases it might require a complete redesign - 


We can soon assess your needs and what will work for you, guiding your choices and, most importantly, letting you visualise how the finished article would ENHANCE your appearance.  Many people love an article of clothing which does NOT love them! ……..For example many clients have garments, none of which were actually going to suit them!  


We could create you create outfits that we feel are lacking in your collection. We do take into consideration sentimental attachments and will adjust to the your preference with regard to how ruthless this would like the service to be.


Personal shopping:

We have the advantage of being impartial with regards to London shops and can analyse your requirements from the knowledge we have gained about your appearance and taste from the above service(s).  Many people are short of time rather than money and we can be of great help here, effectively doing your shopping.




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