Dress Alterations and Restyling: Fall in Love with Your Dress Again

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Fall in Love with Your Dress Again


It’s natural for our bodies to change over time, so a dress that fitted like a dream a few years ago may be a little too loose or tight when you try it on now. Or perhaps that dress you love on the hanger has never felt totally comfortable while you wear it! Given that everyone is a slightly different shape, unless you have a custom-tailored dress it’s likely that the fit could be improved.

This is where dress alterations come in: an expert seamstress can make the right changes to ensure every dress in your wardrobe is the perfect fit, flattering your figure and increasing your confidence for special events and everyday outfits. The dress gathering dust in your wardrobe can become a favoured choice for daily wear or occasions, making you feel fantastic whenever you wear it. That’s the power of alterations.

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Autumn is coming!

bridesmaid dress alterations

The end of next month will see us move into the autumnal equinox, swapping our short and t-shirts combinations for jeans and jumpers. For many of us a whole year may have passed since we last tried on many items of our autumn wardrobes, and many of us may find items don’t still fit quite as well as they did the year before. This is a very common occurrence and one which we can easily rectify for you. Whether you’re looking to re-model your entire wardrobe or require something more specific such as bridesmaid dress alterations, our dedicated and skilled team are ready to be of service.

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The secret to a perfect wardrobe


Regardless of the quality of your attire or the brands which they hail from the key element of any good outfit for a man or a woman is how it fits the person wearing it. We have been providing an alterations service for over 30 years and have seen it all. Whether you require some last minute bridesmaid dress alterations or something as simple as a zipper repaired, we have the expertise to help you on your way to an idealic wardrobe.

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Wedding Alteration Specialists

bridesmaid dresses

Here at alterations boutique we have established ourselves as London’s leading wedding alterations provider due to our personalised one-to-one service and attention to the details. If you have a wedding coming up soon and are therefore in search of someone to alter your attire to perfection, look no further. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and consider ourselves to of seen it all by now, there’s nothing we don’t have the expertise to handle. Throughout the process you will be allocated a tailor / seamstress who will work tirelessly with your from start to end. Whether it’s a few bridesmaid dress alterations or something more niche, contact us today to book an appointment for a fitting and begin your journey towards the perfect wedding.

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Summer Styles

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Summer is upon us which means breaking out the summer wardrobe for the first time in whole year, we understand that for the most of us we might not fit perfectly back into the garments which did fit perfectly the year before. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean discarding your favourite clothing and purchasing a new wardrobe, that could prove to be costly, we have a more affordable solution, alterations. With a few alterations to your favourite garments we can fit you once again as they were originally intended to do so, contact us today to see what can be done to save your summer wardrobe. We also understand that to alter every item of clothing from the off-set may not be affordable either so why not alter the key diverse items which you’ll be making the most use of. Have a read with us about what we suggest as the lynchpins for any stylish wardrobe. Check out our dress alterations page for more information.

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What are the alterations everyone’s having?

wedding dress alterations ladies

It’s quickly becoming the norm to have alterations carried out on clothing purchased from retails stores. But what alterations are popular and why are people having them carried out? The increased popularity of alterations comes with the actualisation that it’s not too expensive to have clothing altered. Not only is it inexpensive but the benefits are worthy, when purchasing new clothing you expect it to fit and compliment your figure however this is rarely the case without alterations. We are now going to look at the most popular alterations that everyone is having done to their favourite items of clothing and why.

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Don't settle for anything less than perfection

bridesmaid dress alterations

Most items of clothing you pick up off a rack in a store will more than likely not fit you in one way or another due to standards in sizing which only fit a small minority of people perfectly. However, this doesn’t mean you must settle on clothing forever not quite fitting correctly in one way or another, with a few alterations we can transform any item of clothing to match your physique to perfection.  

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From Alterations to the Alter

wedding dress alterations

Here at Alterations Boutique we have been providing wedding related alterations for over 20 years. In this time, we’ve come to understand the importance of making this process as stress free and seamless as possible. Let us alleviate some of that stress by entrusting us with the altering and safeguarding of your wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and any other items requiring tailoring.

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Final wedding preparations


So you’ve planned out your perfect wedding and the big day nears ever closer, but as the closer it gets the more the stresses and worries intensify. One of the most common worries is over wedding attire, be the wedding dress, the bridesmaid dresses, or the suits and how they all fit. This in particular is a stress that needs not to exist as we have the perfect solution, alterations. With a few alterations, not only do you eliminate the worry of clothing not fitting well on the day but it also broadens your choices when it comes to picking the clothing out initially. Not everyone can afford to have a dress created and fitted to perfection but an equally viable choice can be to buy off-the-rack and alter that item to perfection, not many will be able to spot the difference.

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Are you ready for the Alter?

Here at Alterations Boutique our experienced team of seamstresses have been styling, pinning, and stitching wedding related garments for over 20 years.

bridesmaid dress altered

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Building a wardrobe fit for a king / Queen


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The secret of well-dressed ladies


Subject to the eye of envy from many is the well-dressed lady.  What’s the secret? Tailoring! Even the most luxurious expensive clothing can be spoilt by ill-fitted shoulders or a sagging waistline.

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The stressful period leading up to your wedding day..

Wedding Dress Unique 10939118 unique wedding dresses

Think of the most stressful time of your life and then double it, these are the stress levels we are talking about for most brides during the 1-6 weeks leading up to their wedding day.  Emotions are high, the stakes are high, stress and eventually joy will ensue. With all this emotional cocktail going through some brides minds it can impact greatly on decision making. Lucky for you we are here to remove some of the stress with our bridal alterations service.

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Avoid these Wedding Disasters!

wedding disaster.jpeg

A well fitted wedding dress on your big day is a must. More and more so people tend to shop for dresses months before their actual wedding day. In that time leading up to the wedding day anything can happen, we’re only human and our bodies are ever changing, what if you gain or lose some weight? It’s your day, it’s all about you, and an ill-fitted dress shouldn’t be a thing to ruin it. But fear not our Wedding Dress Alterations service has you covered.

We know it’s not only the bride which can have the same problems occur but also the bridesmaids. Like the bride the bridesmaids will also more than likely be trying to lose a few pounds before the wedding day, the dresses you picked out before may not fit quite right come the big day. Small changes in our body are emphasised through the fit of a dress, give your bridesmaids the chance to feel just as beautiful as the bride by using our Bridesmaid Dress Alterations service

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As careful as we can be, accidents happen, if say the brides dress was to split or tear. All panic sets in as the big day looms ever nearer, this needs to be fixed and fast! In no time at all by utilising our Bridal Alterations service our staff can restore calm by having any repairs / alterations complete in time for the wedding day.

Once you’ve had a taste of the improvement altered clothing can bring in complimenting and comforting your figure, and seeing as unfortunately you won’t be able to wear a wedding dress forever, why not look to improve the fit of your regular dresses? By asking a skilled and experienced tailor to perform a few Dress Alterations, a few measurements and then magic begins. 



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Keep your wardrobe up to date with a few simple alterations

Our bodies change throughout our lives. Whether it’s because we go on a diet, become pregnant, suffer from a long term condition or simply give into too many tasty treats, most of us will experience weight fluctuations over the years. Though we all love splashing out on new clothes, restocking your entire wardrobe every time you drop a dress size can get pricey. Luckily, there is an alternative. Simply bring your favourite outfits to us and we’ll carry out trouser, shirt, jacket and jeans alterations , giving you the look you really want.

Many of the pieces that our customers bring us are made from tough, durable, high quality materials and are built to last. For example, pieces of clothing made out of leather, if looked after properly, can last a lifetime, serving you faithfully year in, year out. If your body shape has changed significantly, it’s well worth investing in a few quick and easy leather alterations instead of throwing your favourite leather jacket, waistcoat or leather trousers out for good.

Another of the most common outfits we work on is the suit. Customers that have a suit they really love, and that they’ve invested a lot of money in, generally want to keep the outfit, and make use of it, for as long as possible. To help ensure you can get as much wear out of your suit as possible, bring it to us and we’ll work our magic with a few clever jacket, trouser and shirt alterations. Before you know it, your favourite suit will once more complement your body shape perfectly.

Though many of the alterations we carry out are on high quality, everyday items like jeans, jackets and suits, occasionally we also use our skills to alter one-off pieces like wedding gowns and prom dresses. A lot of women work hard to lose weight before a big event like a wedding or a graduation, so it’s not uncommon for them to require wedding or prom dress alterations in the run up to the big day. Luckily, our experienced team can use their skills to quickly and effectively alter even the most elaborately made and elegantly tailored gowns. To find out more about the wide range of alterations on offer, or to arrange a wardrobe makeover of your own, explore our site today or get in touch with a member of our team.

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Alterations boutique - Fashion Stores

Dresses Have Become More Popular in Fashion Stores in the Last Couple of Years. There is so much advice available online, on TV and in the fashion pages about what to wear, how to wear it and dressing for one’s body shape that shopping for clothes can become less of a pleasure than it should be.

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