Autumn is coming!

bridesmaid dress alterations

The end of next month will see us move into the autumnal equinox, swapping our short and t-shirts combinations for jeans and jumpers. For many of us a whole year may have passed since we last tried on many items of our autumn wardrobes, and many of us may find items don’t still fit quite as well as they did the year before. This is a very common occurrence and one which we can easily rectify for you. Whether you’re looking to re-model your entire wardrobe or require something more specific such as bridesmaid dress alterations, our dedicated and skilled team are ready to be of service.

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Wedding Alteration Specialists

bridesmaid dresses

Here at alterations boutique we have established ourselves as London’s leading wedding alterations provider due to our personalised one-to-one service and attention to the details. If you have a wedding coming up soon and are therefore in search of someone to alter your attire to perfection, look no further. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and consider ourselves to of seen it all by now, there’s nothing we don’t have the expertise to handle. Throughout the process you will be allocated a tailor / seamstress who will work tirelessly with your from start to end. Whether it’s a few bridesmaid dress alterations or something more niche, contact us today to book an appointment for a fitting and begin your journey towards the perfect wedding.

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Summer Styles

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Summer is upon us which means breaking out the summer wardrobe for the first time in whole year, we understand that for the most of us we might not fit perfectly back into the garments which did fit perfectly the year before. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean discarding your favourite clothing and purchasing a new wardrobe, that could prove to be costly, we have a more affordable solution, alterations. With a few alterations to your favourite garments we can fit you once again as they were originally intended to do so, contact us today to see what can be done to save your summer wardrobe. We also understand that to alter every item of clothing from the off-set may not be affordable either so why not alter the key diverse items which you’ll be making the most use of. Have a read with us about what we suggest as the lynchpins for any stylish wardrobe. Check out our dress alterations page for more information.

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Get the right fit

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There’s nothing that pains us more than seeing an outfit which is ill-fitted to the person wearing it. It’s not all about the quality of the garment you’re wearing it’s mostly about how it fits the individual. Individual being the key word, each person has a different body type form the next, we are not all one-size. However, we have the solution, with a few alterations to any off-the-rack garment we can alter them to compliment your body type rather than negate it. Let our tailors loose to work their wonders, you will be surprised with the transformation. Let’s look at a few popular garments to get altered and what can be achieved.

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Everyday Alterations

Clothing repairs and alterations

Why put up with clothing which doesn’t fit quite right? By dedicating a small amount of time to a trip to the tailors you can soon have a wardrobe fit for a king or queen. Most men make the effort to get a nice suit altered and likewise women will generally do the same for wedding related attire, mainly seeking bridesmaid dress alterations. Why stop there when you can slowly transform your wardrobe into one which looks and feels good to wear. The main reason for this is generally down to lack of awareness and a common misconception that alterations are expensive when mostly they aren’t at all.

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Don't settle for anything less than perfection

bridesmaid dress alterations

Most items of clothing you pick up off a rack in a store will more than likely not fit you in one way or another due to standards in sizing which only fit a small minority of people perfectly. However, this doesn’t mean you must settle on clothing forever not quite fitting correctly in one way or another, with a few alterations we can transform any item of clothing to match your physique to perfection.  

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From Alterations to the Alter

wedding dress alterations

Here at Alterations Boutique we have been providing wedding related alterations for over 20 years. In this time, we’ve come to understand the importance of making this process as stress free and seamless as possible. Let us alleviate some of that stress by entrusting us with the altering and safeguarding of your wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and any other items requiring tailoring.

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Be prepared for wedding season

beautiful bridesmaid dresses

It’s soon to be the most popular period of the year for people to get married. Have you been asked to be bridesmaid for someone or are you getting married and require alterations to your wedding dress or bridesmaids’ dresses in time for the big day.

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Don’t get fit for summer, get fitted

suit alterations

Summer is fast approaching and with that comes a whole new host of clothing which might not have seen the light of day since last summer. Our bodies fluctuate in size sometimes a surprising amount in a year, so don’t be surprised to find that, a once well fitted shirt no longer looking quite so complimentary. Get prepared in advance, get your favourite summer clothing items out and try them on early, if they don’t fit don’t panic, we are here to help. Although your body shape may have changed, your outfit can do so too, with a few minor tweaks and alterations your attire can be fitting as intended once more. This stands when speaking regarding any item of clothing, it’s a little-known fact that it’s often cheaper to alter a current item of clothing than it is to replace it.

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The key to dressing smart: Alterations

With over 20 years experience in the industry our master tailors and seamstresses are hard to beat when it comes to alterations. This experience is imperative when dealing with such costly and important garments such as a bridesmaid dress, or any other clothing related to big events. If you are in need of bridesmaid dress alterations look no further trust in our experience to perform whatever alterations you are in need of in time for the big day.

bridesmaid dress alterations

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Essential Alterations

There’s nothing more infuriating than a broken zip when it’s cold, wet and windy. Unfortunately, it happens, and for a multitude of reasons zips become jammed or the zip heads broken rendering it useless. We offer the perfect solution, we can take your garment and replace the zip or zip head promising a quick turn-around time for most items. We can also add customised zip heads for adding that personalised, uniqueness to your garments.

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Do you know how your clothing should fit?

You’d be surprised how many people are unaware at how their clothing should fit, maybe you don’t know, but not for long as this guide will inform you of the correct fit for many items of clothing.

bridesmaid dress altered

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Avoid these Wedding Disasters!

wedding disaster.jpeg

A well fitted wedding dress on your big day is a must. More and more so people tend to shop for dresses months before their actual wedding day. In that time leading up to the wedding day anything can happen, we’re only human and our bodies are ever changing, what if you gain or lose some weight? It’s your day, it’s all about you, and an ill-fitted dress shouldn’t be a thing to ruin it. But fear not our Wedding Dress Alterations service has you covered.

We know it’s not only the bride which can have the same problems occur but also the bridesmaids. Like the bride the bridesmaids will also more than likely be trying to lose a few pounds before the wedding day, the dresses you picked out before may not fit quite right come the big day. Small changes in our body are emphasised through the fit of a dress, give your bridesmaids the chance to feel just as beautiful as the bride by using our Bridesmaid Dress Alterations service

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As careful as we can be, accidents happen, if say the brides dress was to split or tear. All panic sets in as the big day looms ever nearer, this needs to be fixed and fast! In no time at all by utilising our Bridal Alterations service our staff can restore calm by having any repairs / alterations complete in time for the wedding day.

Once you’ve had a taste of the improvement altered clothing can bring in complimenting and comforting your figure, and seeing as unfortunately you won’t be able to wear a wedding dress forever, why not look to improve the fit of your regular dresses? By asking a skilled and experienced tailor to perform a few Dress Alterations, a few measurements and then magic begins. 



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