Autumn 2019 Fashion Trends

Autumn 2019 Fashion Trends

Now that autumn is here, we are seeing a shift in fashion trends. As the weather gets colder we have to change up the clothes we’re wearing. Just because it is getting colder doesn’t mean all fashion needs to go out the window! There are plenty of fashionable autumn trends that you can get involved in. You may even have some clothes from last year that you’d like to wear, which is where clothing alterations come in. Keep reading for the autumn 2019 fashion trends you need to know about. 

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How Suit Alterations Can Transform Your Appearance

Achieving a perfect fit is what makes wearing a suit such a distinguished and iconic sartorial move; having a suit that is ill fitted just doesn’t have the same effect, no matter how fantastic it looks on the hanger! A suit should always complement the wearer, whether it has been custom-made or bought off the rack; that’s why professional suit alterations are so important.

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But where to begin in the world of suit alterations? In this guide, we will highlight aspects of the suit that can be altered and how alterations contribute to a perfectly fitted, professional and attractive appearance.

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Everyday Alterations

Clothing repairs and alterations

Why put up with clothing which doesn’t fit quite right? By dedicating a small amount of time to a trip to the tailors you can soon have a wardrobe fit for a king or queen. Most men make the effort to get a nice suit altered and likewise women will generally do the same for wedding related attire, mainly seeking bridesmaid dress alterations. Why stop there when you can slowly transform your wardrobe into one which looks and feels good to wear. The main reason for this is generally down to lack of awareness and a common misconception that alterations are expensive when mostly they aren’t at all.

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Building a wardrobe fit for a king / Queen


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Which body type are you?

shirt alterations

Although many of you may have impeccable taste when it comes to outfit choice, many of you are not dressing to compliment your body type. There are plenty of different physiques and it can be hard to pick out which category your body fits into. But once you have decided which one you fit into, it’s time to ensure you fit into your clothing just as well. This could mean balancing your bodies proportions out or highlighting the more flattering areas of your body, regardless we are here to attend to your needs.

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