How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Dress Alterations Service

Wedding Dress Alterations Service


Wedding Dress Alterations Service

When you’re so busy planning each aspect of your wedding, it can be difficult to know how to get the most out of your wedding dress alterations service! Here is our list of essential tips on what you can do to make the most of your wedding dress seamstress before the big day arrives.

Put Across Your Ideas

No matter how knowledgeable the seamstress, nobody can get an exact read on what you’re looking for in a wedding dress alterations service unless you tell them about your ideas and wishes. Even if you only have a vague idea about wanting a different dress length or have a detailed plan of each individual alteration you want, your seamstress can work with you to make your dress utterly perfect. Don’t be shy – we love hearing your ideas!

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Wedding Alteration Specialists

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Here at alterations boutique we have established ourselves as London’s leading wedding alterations provider due to our personalised one-to-one service and attention to the details. If you have a wedding coming up soon and are therefore in search of someone to alter your attire to perfection, look no further. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and consider ourselves to of seen it all by now, there’s nothing we don’t have the expertise to handle. Throughout the process you will be allocated a tailor / seamstress who will work tirelessly with your from start to end. Whether it’s a few bridesmaid dress alterations or something more niche, contact us today to book an appointment for a fitting and begin your journey towards the perfect wedding.

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The stressful period leading up to your wedding day..

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Think of the most stressful time of your life and then double it, these are the stress levels we are talking about for most brides during the 1-6 weeks leading up to their wedding day.  Emotions are high, the stakes are high, stress and eventually joy will ensue. With all this emotional cocktail going through some brides minds it can impact greatly on decision making. Lucky for you we are here to remove some of the stress with our bridal alterations service.

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Avoid these Wedding Disasters!

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A well fitted wedding dress on your big day is a must. More and more so people tend to shop for dresses months before their actual wedding day. In that time leading up to the wedding day anything can happen, we’re only human and our bodies are ever changing, what if you gain or lose some weight? It’s your day, it’s all about you, and an ill-fitted dress shouldn’t be a thing to ruin it. But fear not our Wedding Dress Alterations service has you covered.

We know it’s not only the bride which can have the same problems occur but also the bridesmaids. Like the bride the bridesmaids will also more than likely be trying to lose a few pounds before the wedding day, the dresses you picked out before may not fit quite right come the big day. Small changes in our body are emphasised through the fit of a dress, give your bridesmaids the chance to feel just as beautiful as the bride by using our Bridesmaid Dress Alterations service

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As careful as we can be, accidents happen, if say the brides dress was to split or tear. All panic sets in as the big day looms ever nearer, this needs to be fixed and fast! In no time at all by utilising our Bridal Alterations service our staff can restore calm by having any repairs / alterations complete in time for the wedding day.

Once you’ve had a taste of the improvement altered clothing can bring in complimenting and comforting your figure, and seeing as unfortunately you won’t be able to wear a wedding dress forever, why not look to improve the fit of your regular dresses? By asking a skilled and experienced tailor to perform a few Dress Alterations, a few measurements and then magic begins. 



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Leave plenty of time for alterations before your big day

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Though the dress is one of the most important aspects of any wedding day, with so much to organise and so many people to manage, putting off crucial wedding dress alterations is all too easy. Fitting appointments get postponed again and again, and before you know it you’re just a couple of days away from walking down the aisle and you still have got your outfit ready. To help ensure you get your dress to the tailor on time, take a quick look at this guide to timely bridal alterations.

Most brides-to-be start shopping for their wedding dresses months before their big day. Finding the perfect dress can take time, so it’s important that you give yourself a good few months to shop around for the ideal gown. Leave it too late, and you could end up with a stressful buying experience or even with a dress you’re not happy with. Once they’ve found their dress, many brides start thinking about what their entourage will wear on the day. Bridesmaids dress alterations can be done weeks before the actual wedding, giving you plenty of time to tick them off of your list of things to do.

Around a month before your wedding day you’ll want to book yourself in for a round of dress alterations. This is when the bulk of the tailoring will happen and the time that you should make any substantial changes to your gown. If you want your hem line taken up, your wait taken in or your sleeves altered in anyway, now’s the time to talk to your tailor and arrange for the work to be carried out. Hopefully at this point you’ll still have a bit of spare time to dedicate to your dress. Leave it any later and you’ll probably be run off your feet with last minute preparations.

A week or so before your wedding you’ll need to make another appointment with your tailor and arrange for the final bridal alterations to be made. By this point, you should just be looking at a few nips and tucks to allow for any weight changes in the proceeding months. These should be pretty easy to take care of and shouldn’t take your tailor too long to complete. To make sure you have plenty of time for all of the alterations you want to achieve, get in touch with a member of our team today. 

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