Five trends to look out for

With the new year right around the corner we’re keeping our eye out for some of the top winter trends we’re expecting to see early next year. While there are a few staples we see every year, we’re also expecting a few different trends to come in that we maybe haven’t seen for a while. Keep reading for five trends to look out for in early 2022.


With the weather only getting colder, quilted items popularity are at an all time high. Whether it’s a fashion-forward gilet or a cosy puffer jacket, we’re expecting to see a lot of quilted items on the streets over the next few months. These items come in a range of different styles so there’s something out there for everyone, and most importantly they look great while also keeping you nice and warm.

Bright colours

What better to brighten up the dull winter days than some bright colours? The brighter you get the better. You can either have small accents of colour, such as a bright handbag with a neutral outfit, or some colourful trousers and a more neutral top. For those feeling more adventurous, fully bright coloured outfits are becoming more popular. These can either be in one colour or multiple different ones, depending on what kind of look you’re going for. We expect this to be big in spring as well, so you’ll get plenty of use out of your colourful clothes. 


Miniskirts are always a great staple to wear all year round, but especially in winter. While they don’t seem like the most warming pieces of clothing, pairing them with some thick warm tights will make the cold weather bearable while you don your favourite skirt. They look great both for casual days out paired with a thick knitted jumper, or evening events where you want to look a bit more dressed up. 

Knitted jumpers

Knitted items are always in style when winter comes around. You can’t go wrong with a nice chunky knitted jumper to get you through the winter months, they are an absolute staple for the colder seasons. You can buy these in such a range of styles that you could have a different jumper for every single day of winter - but you don't need this. Get a few different ones in your favourite styles and you’ll have more than enough to see you through the winter months.


From dresses to jackets and even accessories, fringe is everywhere this season. Fringe gives you a really easy way to level up your outfit with minimal effort. Even if you have quite a plain outfit on, once you throw on your fringe jacket or handbag you immediately look fashionable and like you spent a lot of time planning your outfit. Buy a few staple fringe pieces and you’ll be well prepared to take on the winter style.

2022 is on its way, and these are just a few of the styles we are expecting to see over the next few months. Get a head start on upcoming trends by stocking up on some staple items now.


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