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Wedding Dress Alterations FAQ

As a leading wedding dress alterations boutique, we get a lot of questions about what can be done with a wedding dress to ensure it is perfect for the bride wearing it. Consider this FAQ post a convenient cheat sheet if you’re a bride-to-be looking to find out more about the alterations process for your dress!

Can a wedding dress be made bigger or smaller?

Definitely – changing the overall size of a wedding dress is one of the most common processes we undertake. This is because the body changes naturally over time and most brides have their dress months before the wedding takes place, so the dress may not remain the perfect fit throughout. Due to this, having multiple dress fittings for alterations is important.

How many sizes can a wedding dress be taken in or out by?

Generally speaking, taking in or letting out a dress by one dress size is easy to achieve with dress alterations; going further than this will depend on the style and fabric of the dress itself and we are happy to advise you on what can be done in consultation. Plus, our team is proud not to conform to limiting dress sizes – we can tweak a wedding dress in several ways to make sure it fits you, not a dress shop mannequin! Everyone is unique, which is why wedding dress alterations are important.

Can wedding dresses be shortened or lengthened?

An alterations expert can shorten or lengthen a wedding dress in multiple ways, including changing the length of the hems or of the dress straps. The Alterations Boutique team are highly experienced, so we know how to best alter a dress so that any work done is completely invisible, blending seamlessly with the original dress design.

Can a wedding dress train be shortened?

As with the dress itself, our team can also shorten the train of your wedding dress. We can lengthen the dress train too; in fact, we can reshape and embellish the train in many ways to match your vision, as well as the altered dress itself.

Can I change the neckline style of my dress?

Yes! Many of our clients are interested in changing the neckline of their dress, for style as well as modesty reasons, to make sure they feel both glamorous and comfortable in their bridalwear. Neckline reshaping is an alterations service that our experts can offer. Popular styles include sweetheart, bateau, V-neck, and off the shoulder necklines.

When should I start getting my wedding dress altered?

This partly depends on the style of your dress and the complexity of the alterations you desire. When you first visit Alterations Boutique, we can advise you on how many appointments you will need for the complete alterations process. In any case, we suggest you book an appointment a few months in advance of your wedding to make sure you have plenty of time. Find out more about the alterations process in our previous post, What’s the Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type.

Got a question we haven’t covered here? Get in touch with Alterations Boutique and we’ll be happy to help you!

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