The Questions a Customer Needs to Ask When Considering Bespoke Tailoring or Alterations

Having a bespoke suit made will ensure the fit is perfect for an individual’s shape and size, and tailored to their style and personality.

If a suit is needed for an important occasion or when there is a need to impress in either a business or social setting bespoke tailoring can be more cost effective than going for a ready-made designer label.

It may be that, for example, the tailor can offer a better quality fabric through their extensive network of suppliers and will have a variety of samples to show.

If the budget is tight it is possible, however, to improve the fit and therefore the look of a ready-made suit by using the services of an experienced tailor and using their suit alterations service.

If the alteration required is extensive it would be wise to contact the company first to arrange an appointment when they ensure you have their full attention.

Choosing the right company will be made easier if the customer has given some thought to their budget, the maximum amount they are willing to spend and how much time they are able to give the tailor.

Many will offer an initial consultation at which questions can be answered.  Once they have an idea of what the customer wants they should be able to advise, based on the amount of work, how long it will take to make or alter the suit.

Some tailors are able to deal with urgent cases when a garment can be altered and returned the same day. But to take advantage of the skills of an expert tailor and get value for money it makes sense to allow them the time they need to do a proper job.

It is also advisable to ask whether there are charges for a fitting or for advice. On the whole these are not charged for when the customer goes to the tailor’s studio, although they might be if the customer wants the tailor to visit them or requires a collection and delivery service.

The more the customer can do to help the tailor understand their requirements the better the end result is likely to be, so if there are particular preferences when it comes to style and colour it is helpful to have a list ready for the first consultation.

 Single or double breasted, how many buttons on the jacket, whether pockets have flaps or slits, with or without a waistcoat are all matters of personal taste. If a customer is unsure what style will be appropriate for the particular occasion the tailor will be able to offer guidance.

 A little preparation will benefit both the customer and the tailor when ordering bespoke tailoring or suit alterations.

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