Achieving a perfect fit is what makes wearing a suit such a distinguished and iconic sartorial move; having a suit that is ill fitted just doesn’t have the same effect, no matter how fantastic it looks on the hanger! A suit should always complement the wearer, whether it has been custom-made or bought off the rack; that’s why professional suit alterations are so important.

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But where to begin in the world of suit alterations? In this guide, we will highlight aspects of the suit that can be altered and how alterations contribute to a perfectly fitted, professional and attractive appearance.

Suit Jacket Alterations

As the centrepiece of any suit, the jacket must fit well in the shoulders and chest to feel comfortable and look good. Additionally, the sleeves and collar should be the correct length and fall well on the body, working seamlessly in combination with tailored shirts.

A good test to see if your jacket is the right fit for you: when standing with your arms at your sides and the jacket buttoned, are the lapels resting flat against the front panels? Are the buttons close to or lightly touching your stomach? If yes, your jacket is likely a good fit; if not, you need a suit alterations service!

Alterations Boutique’s team of highly experienced suit alterations tailors can make a range of adjustments so that your suits are the perfect fit, including:

Shirt Alterations

You may not consider the humble shirt to be as important as the jacket, but even the most perfectly fitted jacket is pointless without a good shirt to support it! The alterations we can make to a shirt include:

Trouser Alterations

The trousers are also an essential part of suit alterations, including adjustments such as:

Other Suit Alterations

Ready to wear a perfectly fitted suit to your next big event or for frequent wear? Alterations Boutique offer a full suit alterations service – find out more by getting in touch with us today.